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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 21

Dear Parents,

Open and honest dialogue is very important to us here. My SMT colleagues and I gathered with the officers of the Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep Parents’ Association this morning for our termly meeting and we had, from my angle at least, a great meeting with that spirit of communication very much in mind.

One of the matters we discussed was the continuing professional development (CPD) of the teachers here. My colleagues and I recognised that CPD is such an ingrained and incredibly important part of our roles that we have probably never considered sharing with you as parents what it is we talk about here as teachers, in terms of our own professional development. I aim aiming to put together a list of the topics and research we have been considering over recent months, which could then be shared with any interested parents, as I was told this morning that you are likely to find that interesting. I certainly hope so – we do!

One of the notions we have been thinking about here recently is that of the ‘Flipped Classroom’. Type the phrase into any online search engine and you will get plenty of information in support of (but also some against!) this idea. Essentially it involves teachers producing short instructional videos that can be posted online for pupils to view a day or so ahead of a lesson to prepare them for exposure to a topic in class. This material can also then be useful for revision, when the time comes. Mr Campbell is leading the way here on exploiting this notion, as he has produced the first in what he hopes will become a series of virtual maths lessons. Do have a look:


I am still beaming from last night’s Prep production of ‘Shakespeare Rocks!’. My huge thanks once more to Miss Bee and Mrs Sunderland for their expertise in directing and preparing the boys for the show. I am always so thrilled to see such vast numbers of boys throwing themselves into dramatic antics with great gusto – the boys really were outstanding and I loved both the performances I saw.

With just under a week until we all enjoy our Easter vacation I will make this the last Bulletin of the term. Mrs Campbell will write to you in greater detail next week but some advance notice from me on expectations we have for the boys in Years 3 – 6 in terms of their reading over the holidays: Mrs Campbell is launching the Easter Holiday Reading Challenge. We are hoping boys will write short book reviews on any books they read. There will be prizes!  We will then aim to display these summaries/recommendations in our beautiful, new library to encourage other boys to read those books – just as you might see similar reviews displayed in bookshops.  All pupils are welcome to take part – with no restrictions on genre – and all entries are due in on the first Friday of the Summer Term. Reading Lists for all year groups will be published at the beginning of next term too – something for us all to look forward to!

Have a great weekend and a safe and relaxing holiday, when it comes.

Tim Smith




From the Games Department

Saturday saw the Surrey Schools Rugby Tournament held at Cranmore School. In a wonderful display of sportsmanship, competitive rugby, and sheer effort by all involved, the Under 9, 10, and 11 A teams, were a credit to the school. The Under 10As finished runners-up in the shield; the Under 9As were runners-up in the plate; and the Under 11As won the bowl competition.


In our last week of block rugby fixtures, all of Year 3, 5, and 6 were given the opportunity to represent Hampton Prep. The Under 11s pulled on the blue shirt for the final time with B and C claiming solid victories against St George’s School, Windsor, and our A team playing 40 minutes of 7s rugby in what was a fantastic draw. The Under 10s travelled to Windsor Castle for possibly the best match tea on the circuit, but that was to be the highlight against some very challenging opposition. The staff report was one of great endeavour, however, some more bravery in the tackle will be a must next year.

The final home matches of the term were left to our mighty Under 8s; a year group who have promised plenty and we are all excited to see their progress in the coming years. Mr Henderson, Mr Campbell, Mr Salt, and Mr Martin have worked tirelessly to implement the core skills of passing, catching, and evading.

Unfortunately, due to numbers, not all of Year 4 could play in a fixture this week, but those who were lucky enough to be selected represented the school superbly at Bishopsgate School. Two wins was a great way to cap off a super term for those boys. Mr Ruse’s Under 9C team gave him the best possible send-off with an unbeaten season.

I hope to see many of you on Monday afternoon for our annual House Cross-Country races, starting at 2pm with Year 1, and on Tuesday, the Under 11 7s team will close the rugby season at the Shrewsbury House Tournament.

Will there be a party in Paris?

Prep News

In assembly this week the following Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded: For completing the ladder to success, demonstrating consistent effort and progress in spelling; Harry McCaughey, Samuel Slaney and Max West-Cameron (all 5C); James Cooper, Benedict Creigh-Tyte and Frederick Searancke (All 5B); Thomas Yoxon and Oscar James (both 6M). Well done to those boys!

Well done to Year 5 for raising £163.35 in aid of Childline with their Cake Sale last Friday and the Year 3 cake sale today as of this afternoon raised £128.61 in aid of Shooting Star Chase.

Hampton School Shop Easter Closure and Pre-Term Opening

Please note that the School Shop will close at 1.30pm on Wednesday 23 March for the Easter break. It will re-open again on Friday 15 April, from 10.00am to 2.30pm and on Monday 18 April from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Thank you.

Pre-Prep News

In assembly this week a Gold Star was awarded to Malvina Nowosad (Y2) For asking for help in Maths – something she has never done before – well done Malvina! Aaryan Jadoon (Y1) For beautiful handwriting, Aaryan always tries hard with the presentation of his work. it is always neat and letters perfectly formed. Fred Owen (Rec) For his lovely neat independent handwriting and beautiful drawing about spring time. The Courtesy Cup and Badge were awarded to Richard Turner (Y2) For his kindness toward our Kindergarten children when reading his story to them. Well done to those children!

Congratulations to the winners of the ZigZag Monster Competition: Monty James (Y2), Alfie Keller (Y1), Dominic Crook and Teddy Clarke (Rec).

Another busy week on the Mathletics site for the following children: Archie Duggan (Y1) one Silver and one bronze, Conor Harding (Y2) one bronze, Malvina Nowosad (Y2) one silver and two gold. Congratulations to you all!

Hampton School Shop Easter Closure and Pre-Term Opening

Please note that the School Shop will close at 1.30pm on Wednesday 23 March for the Easter break. It will re-open again on Friday 15 April, from 10.00am to 2.30pm and on Monday 18 April from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Thank you.

A round-up of Pre-Prep news this …

This week in Kindergarten, we enjoyed reading and talking about the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. This has led to some colourful artwork and our paper plate multi-coloured fish look dazzling in our classroom.  The story has sparked thoughtful discussions about what makes a good friend.  During circle time, the children spoke to their partner about this and as we shared our ideas it was clear that our Kindergarten children understand the importance of friendly behaviour.  We think that their ideas would stand everybody in good stead throughout life. Here are a couple of our favourites: a good friend “is someone who can say sorry”, “is someone who listens to you” and “someone who always includes you in their games”.

Next week we will be making Easter baskets in the hope that the Easter bunny will visit and fill them!

Spring has well and truly sprung in Reception, we have been thinking about the signs of Spring and have written some delightful pieces all about this wonderful time of year. The children have been printing chicks and painting daffodil with watercolours. In maths, the children have been learning to use a hundred square grid to assist their developing addition skills and with great success too. We loved the Parents’ Visit on Thursday and hope you did too.

This week Year 1 have been learning about minibeasts. We investigated the school grounds to see how many different ones we could find and used lots of different adjectives to describe them. We made ladybirds, spiders and bumblebees to decorate our classroom ready for our Parents’ Visit on Thursday. In maths, we have been learning about place value and used different classroom resources to help us with this concept. In RE, we have been learning all about the Easter Story and the significance of the Easter Egg. We ordered the Easter story and then read them to our friends.

Year Two had (according to them!) the ‘best week ever’, mainly because of a very exciting day on Tuesday which began with them reading their beautifully written books based on ‘Man on the Moon’ to Kindergarten. All of the teachers were impressed with the quality of writing and the way in which the children interacted with each other. There was some fantastic questioning and also some peer-assessment (“is there anything I could have done to make my book even better?”). Straight after reading their books to Kindergarten, the children moved swiftly onto their topic lesson where they designed, made and (perhaps most importantly) ate some clown themed biscuits. Tuesday’s excitement continued with a science investigation involving cars and ramps. There was much scientific discussion about the experiments, including the words ‘hypothesis’, ‘conclusion’ and ‘human error’. Throughout the rest of the week the children have been writing seaside themed poems in Literacy and learning about Venn, Carroll and Tally diagrams in numeracy. Next week, we are looking forward to doing some Easter-themed activities and, of course, the holidays.

We were treated to a very thought provoking assembly by Year 2 this morning which concluded our theme on Leadership. They told us all about two very important figures from the past, Emmeline Pankhurst and Nelson Mandela; we all agreed that both had a very profound influence on life as we know it today. At Hampton Pre-Prep, we all firmly believe in equality for all – girls, boys and all cultures and cannot begin to imagine how it must have felt to grow up in the past.

Finally just to let you know, we shall be collecting in school reading books on Monday as the end of term rapidly approaches. Also, please don’t forget Year 1 and 2 must come to school in their school PE kit on Monday in readiness for the Inter-house Cross Country event. Please do come along to support the runners.

Happy weekend to all our Pre-Prep families – we are all hoping the Easter Bunny will visit us next week.


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