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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 25

Dear Parents,

Heebee jeebies is such a great word and one which I am conscious I do not use often enough. 6M’s assembly this morning certainly gave rise to a great ripple of heebee jeebies across the faces and in the hearts and minds of all who witnessed it, as the boys presented their tremendous interpretation of this half term’s theme of ‘risk’. Leaping from great heights was the core subject matter and the risks that two individuals (Joseph Kittinger and Felix Baumgartner – do look them up if you are not aware of them) took in order to do so. What really impressed me was the incredibly un-self-conscious yet equally intelligent and appropriately confident manner of the boys themselves, whilst they were presenting. I told them so at the end of course. I also told everyone that one of the signs of an excellent assembly is similar to the sign of an excellent lesson: we all come away having learnt something new and I certainly did this morning. If you have a son in Years 3 – 6 please do ask them what they learnt in assembly today…

Preparations for the Parents’ Association’s Summer Fair on Saturday 21 May are well underway now. Well done to Oscar Mitchell in 6C who is the winner of the brochure cover competition. I am told that his design was eye catching, informative and very creative, demonstrating great artistic ability (and a sense of humour!).

Mrs Dorey, as Chair of the Association, has been incredibly hard at work making the event come together but it seems some of you may have missed her updates? If a tab appears here alongside the Bulletin that is a sign for you as parents that there is Association news to report. Do please be sure to click on it and read it.

As many of you know, Mrs Dorey is also stepping down as Chair with effect from the end of this term. Her willing successor is clearly being far too humble at present, as you are yet to reveal yourself. Please get your name to Mrs Dorey directly, or indeed to any other Association executive member, or to me as I am happy to pass it on.

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Sports News

I am always incredibly proud of our boys’ conduct on a sporting fixture, whether that be how we look, clapping batsman on and off the cricket pitch, or shaking hands with the opposition after the match.  Today when I took my place at square leg to umpire the Under 9A fixture against St George’s School, Windsor, a boy from the home team walked over to me and wished me good luck.  Now, I am almost sure he meant it terms of how the boys were going to play, and not my umpiring, but I stood there and thought what a lovely gesture of someone so young.  Unfortunately it was a tough afternoon at the office for our A and C teams, even though The Queen was looking on, we could not impress her.  The B team however, took two late wickets in what was a tremendously close game, to seal our only victory in front of the castle.

The lucky boys in Year 3 that were selected to take the field in Carlisle Park made the most of the sunshine in two keenly contested encounters.  Mr Campbell reports that he will be working on straightening the boys’ bowling to limit the number of extras, so all in the Under 8 cricket squads should be prepared for lots of effort in next week’s sessions.

In what was a rain affected week for fixtures there were only two other fixtures to report on.  Last Saturday morning the Under 11As continued their impressive performances with a comfortable victory against Newland House, whilst the Under 10As continue their search for some clean hitting and a victory.  Having watched the boys train in the week, it will be around the corner.  With great effort and application, come the results you deserve.


Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded to Joshua Gavin (6C) for a recent piece of creative writing and Patrick Harvey (5B) for a recent piece of descriptive, creative writing reflecting excellent progress. Well done!

Just a reminder to all that this Thursday will be Mufti Day in School, please if your child would like to wear their own clothes in place of school uniform they will need to bring a bottle of something into school which will be donated to the Summer Fair bottle tombola next Saturday.

We are still collecting in sponsorship money for the Mini Marathon so far we have had an overwhelming amount donated which will be split between 3 charities; Medicine Sans Frontier, Sports Relief and Youth Music. Next week will be the last week for collection, please make any cheques out to Hampton School, we will announce the grand total in next weeks bulletin.

Pre-Prep News

Here’s a round up of what the girls and boys in Pre-Prep have been doing this week.

Kindergarten kick-started their week on Healthy Eating by making a fresh fruit smoothie. We were pleased that the children were adventurous in their choice of ingredients, with some trying mango or kiwi fruit for the first time! The Caterpillar Cafe in KG provided the perfect spot to sip their homemade smoothies through stripy straws.  The children learnt how to carry out a survey of their friends’ favourite fruit, using the tallying method to record numbers.  As you might imagine, the children’s favourite choices changed, not daily, but hourly! We also used a Venn diagram to sort foods into groups of healthy and less healthy.  We have talked about the message of everything in moderation. The sunshine has brought our beans on beautifully and over the next two weeks we shall be looking at famous artists who painted flowers and garden scenes, including Monet and Van Gogh. Our aim is to build up repertoire of different artists and painting methods. We can’t sign off without giving you an update on our tadpoles and caterpillars. We now have several tadpoles with back legs and one with both front and back legs. They are clearly thriving on their specialist diet of mineral water and frozen lettuce!  The caterpillars are now hanging upside down from the top of their tub in preparation for becoming cocoons. It really is fascinating for us all to observe.

It’s been a watery week in Reception as we’ve been learning about the ocean and sea creatures within it. We discovered all sorts of interesting facts and have composed our own super descriptive writing and riddles inspired by the topic. In groups, we created 3D underwater scenes using a wide variety of materials that we found in the classroom. In mathematics, we have been counting in different multiples – 2s, 5s and 10s – perhaps we can demonstrate at home this weekend?

Year 1 have been learning about Superheroes, describing different types and talking about their super powers. We thought about the different people in our lives who are super to us and wrote lovely descriptive sentences all about them. In mathematics, we have been focusing on position and direction language. We had to find different hiding places in the playground by following a set of instructions. On Thursday, we enjoyed a visit from John Harris, which we all really loved. He told us stories and made us all laugh with his hilarious voices and actions. On Friday, we packed suitcases to go on a journey to a country of our choosing. We thought about the items we would need to pack for various countries. We are going to carry on learning about Superheroes next week, so please feel free to send in any books for us to read as part of this topic.

Year 2 have looked at prefixes in Literacy ‘grammar’ lessons this week, in particular, how they can be added to a root word to change the meaning of it. Work has continued on non-chronological reports – we are busy planning and researching facts for our own reports on deep sea creatures which we shall write next week. In mathematics, we have focused on partitioning numbers when adding, using blank number lines to add in steps of hundreds, tens and units. This has required a lot of concentration but is proving to be a popular method of addition! In topic, we looked at the forest floor layer of the rainforest and made comparisons between this and the canopy – mainly there seem to be more creepy crawlies on the forest floor! In science, we are beginning to test different conditions necessary for seed growth, such as without water, light and air. Hopefully, we shall see the results of our experiments next week. In PSHE, we have thought about how to stay safe on the roads and have learned the Green Cross Code of ’stop, look, listen’.

Important – Photo Shoot

On Tuesday (17 May 2016) we will be having a photo shoot for the new school prospectus as well as to up date photographs on the website. We would be extremely grateful if all the boys and girls could look especially neat and tidy in their school uniforms on that day!

** Please note that Year 1 boys and girls should come to school next Tuesday (17 May 2016) in their school uniforms rather than their PE kit. **

The following girls and boys received awards in Pre-Prep this week:

Courtesy Cup and Badge: Harry Ellis (Y2) was chosen by Mrs Baldwin, as he always offers help and assistance with jobs before being asked.

The Star Awards this week were given to Cormac Gray-Fahy (Y2) for doing a fabulous presentation on ‘sloths’ as an extra piece of homework. Harry Squires (Y1) for working really hard in maths. He has made brilliant all round progress in this subject! Aarav Tegginamath (Rec) for working extremely hard with his reading. Well done!

In Mathletics the following have been achieved: Izzy Gray (1 Silver), Archie Duggan (2 Bronze), James Phillips (1 Bronze), Conor Harding (1 bronze) and Jamie Searancke (1 Bronze).

Congratulations also go to Bailey Sarpong (Year 2), who was awarded a bronze medal for completing three years at Stagecoach and, furthermore, gained a gold medal for his rock climbing.

Just a reminder to all that this Thursday will be Mufti Day in School, please if your child would like to wear their own clothes in place of school uniform they will need to bring a bottle of something into school which will be donated to the Summer Fair bottle tombola next Saturday.


Parents’ Association

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Summer Fair on Saturday 21st May and here are a couple of reminders in preparation for that:

Sweet Jar Tombola – the collections buckets are now available at Pre-Prep and Prep (located next to Reception). Don’t forget to add your house colour as the house with most donations will win a prize.

Raffle Tickets – please don’t forget to return the tickets whether used or unused. There are many great prizes to be won on the day.

2nd Hand Toy and Book Stall – now is the time for clearing out any unwanted toys and books in good condition. Collection boxes will be available at both school sites from Monday morning.

The Living Things Animal Show – would you like to get up close to an Australian Green Tree Frog, a Corn Snake, a Giant African Millipede or a Red Kneed Tarantula, and don’t forget about the curious Meerkats?? Tickets are selling out quickly so please return the booking form if you wish to join us. Please click here for the booking form.

Bottle Tombola Mufti Day – this will take place on Thursday 19th May so please send in a bottle donation if your child wishes to take part.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair and please remember to park considerately – parking further from school and walking, scooting or jumping a street or two would be greatly appreciated.

 Please click here to have a look at/print the Summer Fair memory jogger

In addition to preparing for the Summer Fair, we had an HPPPA Committee meeting on Monday evening. The minutes of the meeting will be sent via class reps shortly and please do take time to review what was discussed and agreed. We had a very useful discussion on the shape of the Committee going forwards and we have decided to create some additional roles which will help share some of the tasks of the current committee. Please do let me know if you are interested in taking on any of the roles. I am stepping down as Chair from end of this school year and we are looking for candidates to chair/co-chair. Please get in touch if you are interested – your school needs you!

Please click here for the full list of HPPPA Summer Term events.

Many thanks,

Karen, Carey, Claire and Shelley

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