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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 26

Dear Parents,

As I write, it is very exciting that in approximately 24 hours from now the Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep Parents’ Association Summer Fair will be in full swing! I am very much looking forward to it and I know that a great deal of time and effort has gone in to organising what will doubtless be a tremendous day. It will be especially pleasing to see many of you (I hope) enjoying our new facilities – and recently handed over new play areas – in much the same way that the pupils themselves do, during the course of every day.

Making sure that the 11+ transfer process is as smooth and as comfortable as it can be, is a critically important part of what we do here. On Wednesday evening it was very good to see the large turnout of parents from Years 3 – 5 at our Senior Schools’ Fair. Occasions like this are an excellent way for you as parents to make some initial contact with the schools you are considering for your sons, and I could see and hear plenty of that sort of chat happening. I have now met with almost every set of Year 5 parents to talk about next schools and it is very good to hear some parents’ views of the personal visits they have already been undertaking to senior schools.

We do not maintain a one size fits all approach to making decisions around next school choice here. It is very important to me that there is plenty of time for each set of parents to come in and chat individually, so as to establish the best route to the best school for each boy. I enjoy this aspect of my role a great deal; it always feels like a huge privilege to work with parents to establish where boys will continue to flourish and grow.

Academic success goes hand in hand with excellent pastoral care and I have always been so impressed with the way my colleagues here seek to look after all the girls and boys. Yesterday Mr Richards sent a letter to all parents from Kindergarten to Year 6 in order to introduce the 2016 Pastoral Review, which was also attached to the email. It is by happy coincidence that we are able to present the Review to you now, so soon after the publication of our inspection report; the review process had been underway since September and it was always our intention to get the final publication to you this term.

As per our calendar, we are holding an evening event next Tuesday 24 May, where Mr Richards and his team will be explaining in greater detail how we will be enacting the good number of recommendations contained in our Pastoral Review. It would be excellent if you could make it to that event – there will be wine and cheese! If you can let the office know so we can cater accordingly, that would be much appreciated.

Some staff news now: Miss Wakeling (Year 1 class teacher) and Miss Lynch (Year 3 class teacher) will be swapping roles next academic year and I am sure they will enjoy the new challenges this will bring.

If I do not see you tomorrow, have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


In another rain interrupted week of cricket, fortunately we managed to get the Under 11A and B sides over to Ealing to play St. Benedict’s College.  The A team had a convincing win, and are looking take some momentum into their upcoming tour of Guernsey, and the B team fought hard for their victory, where bowling extras seemed to be the deciding factor.  With Wednesday a washout across the board, that left today to remain dry for our Under 8A and Bs to host TPS, and the Under 9A and Bs to travel to Kempton C.C. to one of our most picturesque away trips.  All four teams played tremendously well, and what has been most pleasing has been the obvious improvement in bowling accuracy, a skill only made better by lots of repetition!  The Under 9As bounced back particularly well after last week’s defeat with a polished performance in all three facets of the game.

The English weather is our nemesis this Term, and even when all looks dry in the afternoon, if the ground is wet, it is incredibly for the boys to play, in particularly at the top end of the school where the hardball is introduced.  I thank you all for your patience, and the introduction of The Court to the school site has meant some very competitive sessions in the place of cancelled fixtures.  My Under 11 Cavaliers and Dynamos are primed and ready for their next foray on Wednesday afternoon!

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded to Thomas Deedman, Rajvir Dhillon and Harresh Jayanthan (all 3L) for showing excellent effort in work with all subjects. And to Raphael Taylor (3L) for writing a lovely poem. Well done to those boys!

Next week sees the Year 6 boys take part in the Richmond Cyclist Training Scheme each morning as part of their leavers programme.

Firstly, I am keen to apologise to our parents in Pre-Prep who have girls in our department – you will have noticed a couple of occasions recently where whole school references have just been to boys. I have taken up the matter on your behalf – my colleagues assure me they will endeavour to do better!

Sports Day takes place on Friday 10 June at 11.15am at the Prep site. The entrance gate at Carlisle Park will be open from 11.00 – 11.15am. After this time, you will only be able to gain entry via Gloucester Road, where you will need to buzz Reception to access the site. Please do bear this in mind when you are making your arrangements to attend the event.

This week in Kindergarten, our topic of Growth has led us to looking at artists who enjoyed painting gardens and flowers. We have been greatly inspired by Monet’s The Lily Pond, and we thought it seemed the perfect setting for our developing froglets! We enjoyed working collaboratively to create a large artwork piece involving printing and masking tape.  Ask your child about the big reveal! We talked about our golden rule ‘do be kind and helpful’, and how important it is when asked to do something by your friends or teachers to reply “yes of course”. Listen out over the weekend for this helpful phrase! Next week, we will extend the children’s interest in art by looking at a variety of paintings and different techniques.

Our topic in Reception this week has been ‘Rockets and Robots’. We have been looking at how robots work and how rockets zoom up to space. We watched a clip on the whiteboard of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon and Tim Peake, the astronaut at the Space Station orbiting Earth at this very moment. We looked at how astronauts live in space and found out that the foods they heat are all out of packets. Archie told us some interesting facts he learned from the Science Museum and that one food that they eat is green beans and raw tuna – we decided that we did not fancy dinner in space. We also learned lots of facts about the different planets that are in the Solar System and then wrote creative pieces of independent writing. We designed and made our own robots and wrote pieces about them – their names, uses, likes and dislikes. We loved watching robots building a Mini car, and were amazed how clever the robots were! We listened to a podcast about computer coding and discussed how clever computer programmers are at writing such programmes. We pretended to be robots and followed a code sequence. In mathematics, we have been telling the time. We had fun in lots of practical activities finding out if the time is o’clock or half past. We can now read the time when its playtime and home time! We have also been using the 100 square and counting on from bigger numbers than 20.

Year 1 have continued the Superhero theme, designing comic strips as well as using similies to extend creative writing skills. In maths, we have been practising counting in different multiples and have started learning to group and share different numbers.  On Thursday, we had a visit from Mr Smith, who read us a story about a Ladybird. We enjoyed asking him questions and talked about the tooth fairy – Year 1 have lost a lot of teeth this week! On Friday, we travelled the world through pictures and described different places using our knowledge of adjectives and similies from our English lessons. As Sport’s Day draws nearer, we have started our fun race – watch out for the Year 1 gardeners!

This week Year 2 have been busy learning about position and direction in mathematics. They have been using lots of different vocabulary to give directions, including clockwise, anticlockwise, right angled turn, quarter, half, three quarter and whole turns. We looked at how a right angle is the same as a quarter of a turn and made ‘right angled monsters’ to help to see this. In English, we have been writing non-chronological reports on different sea creatures and had to think carefully about ensuring we were using sub-headings as well as factual information. We looked carefully at our bean plants in science and tried to think of reasons why the growth of some bean in the different environments is so poor. In topic, we learned about the Kayapo tribe in Brazil and how different a Kayapo child’s day is to ours (they have to hunt for their own lunch!). We have continued to hear and enjoy the story of Paddington Bear at the end of the day. We are looking forward to our trip to the Tate Britain next Thursday – don’t forget about the packed lunches!

We should like to congratulate our children for working hard on the Mathletics programme – we celebrated the following certificates in assembly on Wednesday.


Harriet Dumbrell – 2 bronze and 1 silver

William Dumbrell – 2 bronze and 1 silver

Aron Drishti – 3 bronze

Year 1

Tom Chance – 2 bronze

Bertie Bishop – 1 bronze

Elise Bay – 3 bronze and 1silver

Archie Duggan – 1 bronze

Theo Tang – 1 bronze

Year 2

Conor Harding – 1 bronze

Lucas Shortman – 2 bronze

Many congratulations to James Phillips (Year 1) who received a medal for his fielding skills from his cricket club.


Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Reception: Harriet Dumbrell (2 stars) for beautiful, neat news writing and being a star in front of the camera for the photographer!

Year 1: Alfie Keller (2 stars) for a fantastic piece of writing about his Jellyfish Superhero. He even managed to include similies.

Year 2: Shreyan Kottala (2 stars) for a huge improvement in his swimming – very well done!

Courtesy Cup and Badge was awarded to:

Teddy Kirby (Year 2) for his super manners – well done!

Have a super weekend, and we hope to see you at the summer fair!

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