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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 30

Dear Parents,


I try to make it my business to talk to as many different girls and boys here each week as I can and I invariably find the outcomes of these chats are always quite extraordinary. This week, for instance, I read an excellent story about some very badly behaved mice to the pupils in Reception, which revealed some fascinating understanding from them around the meanings of the words ‘independent’ and ‘compassionate’. I then had some Prep boys coming in to my study to see me and spell ‘extrinsic’ and ‘intrinsic’ out loud and off by heart. I also had a boy in Year 3 show me his magnificent project on South America. I was, later in the week, witness to some tremendous work in Year 5 maths on calculating all sorts of measurements of all sorts of 3D shapes – no easy feat! It is a great joy to me to talk to the pupils here about their learning and their work and I know my colleagues feel the same way too.

We have all sorts of formalised systems on the go here, across both Pre-Prep & Prep, to help us consider the progress of your children over time. This sort of evidence is what matters most to me – I trust the teachers here and I listen carefully to what they tell me about your boys and girls. We also look very carefully at their resultant achievements at particular set points and at the moment, we are all very carefully scrutinising the exam results of every boy in Years 3 – 5. At morning coffee today Mr Arnold, Deputy Head Academic, and I fell into conversation about the effectiveness of this approach. We both agreed that we feel we have a clear and very robustly produced picture of the progress our pupils are making.

I have nearly finished seeing Year 5 parents before the summer break and will look forward to seeing you all again next term when, as parents of pupils who will then be in Year 6, we will continue our chats about which school you would like your boys to go to next. It is always a great privilege for me to be as involved as I am in what I know for you all is an incredibly important decision.

Year 6 cricketers returned triumphant from their tour of Guernsey last Sunday. They played extremely well against teams from Elizabeth College Junior School. I use triumphant in every sense of the word but mostly from a personal and social angle. I was thrilled to receive a very kind email from Mr Walton, Headmaster of ECJS, who wanted me to know that he had the very highest praise for our boys’ courtesy, manners and sportsmanship. The Guernsey parents all loved having our boys to stay – for me, those are the real wins.

Boys in Years 3 and 4 would have every excuse to be a little less enthusiastic than usual today, following their excellent efforts yesterday in our production of ‘What a Knight’. No dampening of spirits has occurred of course (where do small children get such relentless energy from ??) and rightly so. All the boys should be quietly proud of their singing, dancing and acting. I loved every minute!

I also very much enjoyed the Parents’ Association Ball last weekend; as, it appeared, did a great number of you too. It feels now as if the particular tune a number of parents managed to convince me to dance to then has presaged, somewhat, the very inclement weather we have been experiencing ever since…

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Prep News

We seemed to have accumulated quite a lot of lost property this term, therefore on Monday 27 June we will be displaying ALL items from the lost property by laying them out on tables after school in front of the main reception (Weather permitting). Please do look through as some of the items are named!

Please note:

  • CCAs finish this week with the last ones on Wednesday.
  • Sports day takes place on Thursday at Hampton School from 1.45pm – 3.45pm.
  • Prize giving is next Friday at 7.00pm at Hampton School.

Pre-Prep News

Our week has been busy, especially with two outings off-site, please read below to find out all about them!

Year 2 Parents should have received InCAS assessment results from us – do let the School Office know if you would like an appointment to discuss these on Wednesday 29 June.

This week in Kindergarten our learning has been focused around road safety and our outing. On Tuesday all the children took part in the ‘Kindergarten Road Safety Proficiency Test’. The children took this task very seriously and we observed them in the playground walking along a chalk pavement and up to our zebra crossing. We noted whether they were able to follow the road safety code of stop, look, listen and think and we are delighted to report that all children achieved their much sought-after certificate! This prepared us perfectly for our Journeys Outing on Wednesday. The children had a wonderful time travelling by train to Kingston, by boat to Hampton Court and back to school by bus, not forgetting a picnic in between! The children behaved beautifully and were a real credit to the School. Many thanks to our parent helpers who ensured the trip ran smoothly. We followed up our trip by making transport zig-zag books – the children recalled the journey and were encouraged to use sequencing vocabulary to order the events.

In Reception, we have been thinking about colour, learning that the primary colours are yellow, blue and red. We have enjoyed exploring these colours with colour-mixing experiments. During the week, we have been thinking about our use of colour in our artwork and pictures, focusing on perfecting our precision skills – we did some very neat colouring as a result. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Mouse Paint’ read to us by Mr Smith, who tested our knowledge on colour-mixing, as well as naming secondary and other descriptive colours. We came up with some really interesting names! We then wrote the Mouse Paint story in our own words. In maths, we have carried out a colour survey, collecting data in a tally chart. We have also been looking at symmetry and pattern both in nature and making our own complex repeating patterns. We have perfected saying the days of the week and the months of the yea, please test us at home this weekend!

Year 1 have been learning about comparing different animals, by looking at their fur and the different places that they live. In maths, we have been recapping our knowledge of shapes and patterns, even making some extremely complicated ones of our own. On Wednesday, we went to The Look Out Centre, which we all really enjoyed. We loved experimenting in the different areas, making shadow pictures and sending the hot air balloon up to the ceiling. Our favourite part in the day was bug hunting in the woods. We found lots of different insects and we were able to get a closer look in our special magnifying pots.  On Friday, we wrote about and drew our seedling that have just started to grow – we made sure that they had everything that they needed to grow into beautiful flowers.

We are all authors in Year 2! This week we finished our ‘Rainforest’ information books – complete with contents pages, indexes, headings, illustrations, diagrams and some interesting blurbs. The children will be bringing these home towards the end of term but for now we are enjoying reading each other’s. In maths, we have learned the column method for addition and subtraction; this has proved to be a highly popular method. In science, we looked at similarities and differences between ourselves and will be carrying out an investigation into this next week. Mrs Powell taught us how to skip in gymnastics this week – this was tricky for some but an excellent skill to learn and a lot of fun. In topic we have been making animals for our rainforest dioramas, mainly using pipe cleaners. We look forward to completing these next week.

Have a wonderful weekend, fingers crossed for some sunshine!

Awards and Certificates

Star of the Week

Reception: Niam Thakrar-Vara – for his beautiful, independent writing about ‘Mouse Paint’.

Year 1: James Phillips – for completing a wonderful write up about our school trip to The Look Out Centre; he remembered lots of the exciting things we did.

Year 2: Massimo Palladino – For making excellent progress in maths this term – well done, Massimo!

Courtesy Cup & Badge

Sam Corkery (Year 1) – for his fantastic manners on the outing this week. He set a brilliant example for others.

Massimo Palladino (Year 2) was awarded a medal for coming second in a football tournament last Saturday.


Year 2

Lucas Shortman – 1 bronze

Jamie Searancke – 1 bronze

Year 2

Theo Tang – 1 silver


Niam Thakrar-Vara – 4 bronze and 1 silver

Sebastian Baker – 1 bronze

Izzy Gray – 1 bronze and 1 silver





Sports News

Our week in sport started last Friday when the Under 11A cricket squad took to the air for our annual tour to the Island of Guernsey.  Having safely landed on Friday afternoon, and after a quick lunch at Elizabeth College Junior School, the Hampton Prep side took the field against the host’s Under 11As.  Clearly the boys managed to get the travel out of their system with a convincing victory much to the pleasure of Mr. Richards and Mr. Arnold.  Saturday morning saw probably the toughest contest of the tour with a fixture against the Island side Under 11As, but again, some very strong batting all the way down the line-up saw us win in good fashion.  The final day of the tour on Sunday brought with it the final match for our tourists against a combined year group Elizabeth College Junior School side in a pairs format game.  The Hampton Prep boys did us proud with a third win of the weekend, rounding off a successful tour on and off the pitch.  A huge thanks has to be extended to our hosts at Elizabeth College, and in particularly to Mr. Sergeant, for what was an outstanding weekend!  We are already looking forward to their return to Hampton to play football in October.

Wednesday afternoon gave the A and B teams in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity to play Twickenham Prep.  Clearly all the hard work in practice has been paying off as there were some excellent all-round performances.  Mr. Arnold was delighted with a large total of runs set by his A team for the visitors to Carlisle Park to try and chase down, and whilst he would have loved the boys to take 10 wickets, he was more than impressed with the victory.

The whole of Year 4 had the chance this afternoon to play at home against local rivals The Mall, and the sun shone beautifully for some incredibly exciting cricket!  The Cs and Ds battled well but to no avail against some very strong Mall teams, and the As and Bs continued their great form with two very well earned victories.  The A team winning by just 2 runs and looking back on two huge sixes that most definitely alleviated any pressure at the end of the match.

I will leave you all with this fact; if you are an Icelandic male aged between 20 and 40, you have a one in two thousand chance of playing for the national football team.  Surely Monday will go well…….


Parents’ Association


Firstly, the HPPPA Committee is delighted that the bi-annual ball was a huge success.  The venue, food and dancing were all fantastic. We are pleased to report that the envelope tree raised £600 and the auction raised £1200.  Thank you very much to the wonderfully generous parents who helped raise these funds for charity and to Mr Smith for conducting the auction.  This money will be donated to Wateraid, Shooting Star Chase Hospice and Help the Aged.  Heads and tails on the night also raised £205 for the HPPPA.

Many thanks indeed to Bernadette Banks for organising the event and to Carey Bishop for organising the auction.  The next HPPPA ball is planned for summer 2018!

In the spirit of more giving,  thanks to all those parents who have given their time as class reps this year – your support for all of the various events has been great. Thanks also to the new class reps for next school year who have already volunteered – we are almost there in having all classes with fully supported with reps. Unfortunately, we are not quite so lucky in having as many volunteers for chair(s) for next year. Please do take a glance at the document attached which outlines the roles and responsibilities for the HPPPA Committee including the role of Chair, Class Reps and some new roles that we have introduced to help spread the tasks. And, please do get in contact if you are interested in performing the role next year – contact me on

HPPPA Roles and Responsibilities June 2016

The HPPPA  Committee and Mr Smith’s SMT will meet on Tuesday and we are keen to input any areas of interest that you would like to discussed – please drop Carey Bishop and I a note if you would like matters to be discussed.

Finally, many thanks to Dave Bathurst for agreeing again to run the 2nd hand uniform sale on Tuesday 28th June. For more details, please see posters on the notice boards.

Next week, we plan to outline the money that you have helped raise at the summer fair and all of the events/items that we have funded to support our children and the school over this year.

Best regards, Karen, Carey, Claire and Shelley.


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