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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 22

This Week

Dear Parents,

Last weekend was an exciting one for rugby, for the nation as well as Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep. Mr Darmon writes more fulsomely about the boys across the board who took part in the Surrey Junior Schools Rugby Festival at Cranmore School on Saturday, but I wish to add my five pence worth to his expert analysis. Firstly, I was very proud of the way all the boys who played that morning acquitted themselves both on the field and off, in the face of some fierce competition from schools who have clearly been putting something in the water – there were some very big fellows playing in U11 teams in particular! I managed to watch a couple of excellent U11 fixtures towards the end of the Festival and I was left very much inspired by the grit and determination that our Year 6 boys brought to their games. We were varied in both size and stature but as I said to the boys in assembly on Monday morning, I could see that everyone in the team worked really hard. I know that when our pupils experience this sense of esprit de corps, when they actually have to put themselves out there and try to keep going when they are tired and the competition is increasingly tough, there is much for them to learn.

On Monday this week our Junior Safety Officers (JSOs) led our assembly, highlighting a number of important matters to do with staying safe whilst on our way to and from school. This was a timely reminder for us all, as at this point in the year we can so easily fall into complacent habits and allow ourselves to become distracted whilst getting out of the car on the busy roads around the school or indeed whilst crossing the road if we have walked to school. The JSOs have also been producing a number of leaflets for parents, the first one of which is about switching off engines instead of leaving engines on to idle, along with a reminder of our suggested walking routes to school, was sent out earlier this week. Do please look out for their next mailing in the Summer term.

Year 5 ventured to the Prep Schools’ Maths Challenge at Epsom College this week and against some stiff competition from a large number of schools present, finished in third place. This was a tremendous effort from the boys on the team as they were competing against pupils from some of the most selective Prep schools in London and the South West.

As I write, I am still reeling from the frights and fears that assailed me during the Years 5 and 6 production of ‘The Dracula Rock Show’ which I loved watching earlier this afternoon. In actual fact, there were many more laughs and a great deal of excellent dancing and music in evidence than there were terrifying moments, as well as the obligatory very amusing puns and plays on words. The costumes, the dance moves, the acting – in fact, every boy playing his part with great enthusiasm – were all tremendous and I am looking forward to the second performance due to take place this evening!

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Sports News

It’s been a busy 7 days with lots of fixtures during the week and the Surrey Junior Rugby Festival to tell you about.

Last Friday both the U8s and the U9s played against St. George’s, Windsor.

In the U8s the C team drew and the A and B teams won. In the U9s the A team won a reasonably close game by 3 tries and the B and C team combined to form two teams both of which played St. George’s B team and both teams won.

On Saturday the U9s, U10s and U11s all entered teams into the Surrey Junior Rugby Festival held at Cranmore School. All teams were entered into an initial group of 4 and so therefore played 3 games to then determine the next group of 4 that they would then be seeded in.

The U9s, who up until this point had been having a really successful season, struggled a little in this first group and considering the number of matches and tournaments that the boys had played both for school and their respective rugby clubs recently, I think they were starting to get a little tired. They lost these first three games and certainly didn’t play to the standard that we all know they are capable of. However, in the second group of 4 they found their feet and won all three matches, so they can keep their heads held high and take comfort from the fact that they were able to deal with the disappointment of the morning and come back strong.

The U10s fared better in their first group, by winning 2 games and losing 1. In the game they lost they were playing Cranmore school and it was actually a good lesson for the boys to see the next level of performance, that as a group they should be aiming for and have the capability to achieve.

In the second group stage they once again won 2 and lost 1 and so can be proud of winning 4 of their 6 games overall. This year group has a tremendous amount of talent and I am really looking forward to working with them next year on the rugby field.

The U11 team came into the tournament off the back of a couple of heavy defeats but as I mentioned last week their attitude had improved and they had become a lot more positive as a team. This was immediately evident in the first game and they tackled their hearts out; as they did in every game, going on to win all 3 games and topping the group. It was fantastic to see the effort and endeavour after a rocky couple of weeks and they could all look each other in the eye and know they had worked their socks off for the sake of the team. However, this meant we went through into the top seed group and we paid the price for this somewhat, as we came up against three exceptional teams and unfortunately failed to win any of the last three games. However, for me this didn’t detract from what they had achieved in the morning and I was immensely proud of their efforts.

It was a great day of rugby for all involved and I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that came out to support the boys.

On Monday we took a slight de-tour from rugby when the U10s played in a 5-a-side football tournament at Claremont Fan school. You may remember the boys had a really successful football term before Christmas and they certainly carried this on by reaching the final. In the final they went 2-0 up, but as sometimes happens in sport, things went a little wrong and they ended up losing 3-2. However, it was another great shift from the boys and it makes me excited about what can be achieved next year by this group.

On Tuesday both the U8s and the U9s played against Willington. The U8s put out 5 teams and recorded 5 wins. I haven’t been able to see much of this year group as I have been working with the year 4s, but results seem to be getting better and better and so clearly we have a group of talented boys and look forward to helping them develop further next year.

The U9 A team unfortunately lost and it was clear that they had ran out of steam a little as a group. There has been a lot of rugby in the past two weeks and this fixture was probably a step too far, as Willington were a good team. Lots of tackling was necessary and there is only so long you can keep this up. However, I think the team has made huge improvements over this term and have the potential to go on to become extremely good; so we’ll forget Tuesday and focus on all the good stuff they have done over the past three months.

The B team lost in what was a very close match and Mr Bailey commented on how well the boys tackled particularly in the second half and how as a team they have made huge strides this season. With the size of the team increasing next year, there will be strong competition to see who steps up into the As.

The C team won and the D team lost, but as a group all the boys can be proud of their efforts this year and there is lots of potential. So their remains lots of optimistic excitement about what they year group can achieve next year.

Finally, on Wednesday the U10s played against Claremont Fan school. The A team had a slow start and found themselves 3 tried down at half time. Once again they seemed to be a little tired but some inspiration from Mr Salt at half time meant they were able to bring it back and make a close contest out of it, but unfortunately ended up losing 4-3.

The Bs had more success and won 12-0. They were actually 9-0 up at half time and due to a couple of injuries went down to 6 players, but still managed to score 3 more tries and continued to take pride in not letting the opposition score.

We have two more fixtures next week. The U11s play Willington on Monday and the U10s play St. Piran’s on Wednesday. What a great season we have had and I look forward to the cricket season just around the corner; let’s just hope it warms up a little first.

Have a great weekend.

Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded for the following: English: For writing a creative new version of the Greek myth, The Minatory Jason David-West (4H). For completing the ladder to success, demonstrating continued effort and progress in reading and spelling Richard Baker, Massimo Palladino, Sebastian Woods (All 3L); Conor Harding, Teddy Kirby (Both 3W); Max Duggan, Tom Keen, Edward Reilly (All 4H) and Christopher Bathurst (4S). Art: Collaged aerial view of fields with plane Oscar Cushing (3L) and Teddy Kirby (3W). Art: Self Portrait; Omer Olcer, Sebastian Woods (Both 3L) Richard Turner (3W). Art: Haunted House Cyril Bellamy (3L). Art: Printed Buildings Luigi Brockwell De Lellis (4H) Mohamed Suliman (4S). Art: Rizzi Buildings Monty Hunt and Toby Walters (4S). Art: Curved Stitching Alessandro Tafuro (5W). Art: Tin Foil Sculpture Sam Tavaziva (5C). Art: Graffiti Patrick Harvey and Frank Sanders (Both 6J); Joseph Fearnside, Joseph Maheswaran and Matthew Mason (All 6C). Art: Van Gogh Room Benedict Symons (6C) Finn Watton (6J). Well done to all those boys!

Year 3 had their cake sale this morning raising a fantastic total of £145 for their respective charities, well done boys!


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Pre-Prep News

You will have noticed that we were remiss in not publishing the date of this term’s Parents’ Visits on the School Calendar, however, we are very pleased to inform you that it will take place next Thursday (30 March 2017).   Children attending Kindergarten (mornings) will welcome their parents at 11.30am on that day and, later at 3.00pm, we hope to see parents of children in Kindergarten (afternoons), Reception, Years 1 and 2. We do hope that you will be able to make it and apologise for the tardiness of our invitation!

How lovely it was to welcome Ben Rowe back to Pre-Prep on Thursday when he set up his ‘Big Book Sale’ just outside school – lots of buying took place and it was clear many good bargains were had! Ben arranged the sale as part of his contribution towards the LION award for 4H’s chosen charity The Senahasa Trust. This is a small charity determined to make a real difference at community level in Sri Lanka. Following the Tsunami on 26 December 2004, their work in Sri Lanka has been stepped up significantly. A very big thank you to everyone who supported Ben – you will be delighted to hear he raised a grand total of £62.50. Good work, Ben!

We also welcomed Mr Smith to our assembly on Monday afternoon; he talked to the children about the importance of putting others before oneself in connection with the theme for this half term, ‘Self-Sacrifice’.

He also had a great many certificates to hand out and these went to the following children:

In Reception, Harrison Sinnett received ‘Best Defender’ certificate from Rosslyn Park Mini Rugby.

In Year 1, certificates went to Lucas Woods for the Seal Award in swimming and James Nunn for completing his First Grade Viola Prep Test. Congratulations to Sebastian Baker who took his pledge to become a fully-fledged member of the 3Rd Teddington Beavers this week.

In Year 2, Arin Patel gained Stage 1 Learn to Swim, Archie Duggan – U7 Coaches’ Award and a medal for being ‘Man of the Match’ at the Richmond Rugby Festival, Lucas Band, an Apple congratulates award, Max Beesley, 25 widths at the Sarah Harris School of Swimming and Alfie Keller a Level 3 ski certificate and medal, a Little Gym ‘Mini Jets’ certificate and a Rossyln Park minis medal for his rugby.

Inter-House Cross Country Certificates went to the following: In Year 1, gold to Teddy Clarke, silver to Josh Sharma and bronze to Johnny McMonagle, and in Year 2 gold to Rocco Freedman, silver to Joseph Timba and bronze to Max Beesley.

In today’s assembly the following awards were made:

The Courtesy Cup and Badge was awarded to Finlay Timba (Reception) for his excellent manners to his teachers and friends all the time.

Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2: Elise Bay for working exceptionally hard this week, in particular in maths when finding fractions of quantities.

Year 1: Teddy Clarke for some excellent answers during our carpet work this week.

Reception: Anish Rao for coming in to school every day with a smile and a cheerful ‘Good morning’.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in class …

Kindergarten children have taken great care of our chicks over the past two weeks and we bade them a fond farewell today as they made their journey back to the farm. We have learnt much about caring for living things and have asked many questions. The children had great fun carrying out an experiment to test the strength of an egg shell and had to estimate how many books four egg shells could hold before breaking. We were all surprised that they withstood the weight of 42 books! It will be quiet in the classroom without them next week. We have enjoyed circle times talking about our mummies and the children have given delightful answers in their Mother’s Day questionnaire. We hope their answers and comments make you smile as much as they did us! Our phonic activities have encouraged the children to blend sounds together to form CVC words and they have been introduced to alliteration. We look forward to building on these activities next week along with having fun with a range of activities to celebrate the coming of Easter. Everyone loves an Easter Egg hunt!

Reception enjoyed a sunny walk to Hampton library on Tuesday. On the way, we looked for signs of spring and noticed the buds appearing on the trees and the beautiful daffodils in the park. We met Mrs Brown the librarian who talked to us all about libraries and their purpose. We were amazed to find out not only could we borrow lots of picture books at a time but can also borrow non-fiction, audio books and DVDs! We had a look around the children’s library and chose books to share with our friends. Mrs Brown then read us a story about a bear and his book collection. The boy’s behaviour during this trip was outstanding. Comments from the librarian and members of the public were made on how smart and polite the boys were. Well done Reception!

We also donned our chef’s hats once again and got baking. We made some spring themed biscuits. We were very careful measuring out the ingredients and making sure we had the exact amount of flour, butter and sugar that the recipe specified. We then rolled out the biscuit dough and using the rabbit and chick cutter to cut our biscuit shapes out. We enjoyed eating some of them whilst listening to the Easter Story.

We have talked a great deal about our mummies this week and what makes our mummy so special to us. We shared our thoughts to our friends about ‘I Love Mummy because…’ and wrote a special piece of writing and drew some fantastic pictures to accompany these. Happy Mother’s Day!

This week Year 1 continued their work on humorous poetry by looking at the tongue twister ‘Peter Piper’. We then thought about our own verbs that would describe what Peter could be doing.

In maths, we have been learning about time. We ordered days of the week, months of the year and thought about how long an hour is with the question, ‘what type of things could we do in one hour?’ Any practical work at home to reinforce telling the time to the o’clock or half past would be fabulous!

Our bean plants were sent home to be planted in the garden, they have grown incredibly tall! In science, we talked about our bean plants and labelled the parts of a plant.


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