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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 23

This Week

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome back to you all, to this action packed summer term which has begun very smoothly and well in both Pre-Prep & Prep this week!

The L.I.O.N. Award continues to have a significant impact upon the development of the pupils’ progress in Years 3 – 5. I have been utterly entranced by the range and quality of the excellent projects that the boys have been bringing in, in order to complete that section of the Award. In addition to this, today in the Prep there was a very successful ‘bring & buy’ sale and collection of clothing for SPEAR and Storehouse charities, organised by boys in Year 5. This means those boys can attribute this endeavour to the development of their leadership skills, which is central to the purpose of the L.I.O.N. Award after all.

The projects that have been brought in display great imagination, in terms of the topics the boys chose, but what impresses me most is the nature of the investigations and research they carried out and conclusions they have arrived at. This sort of approach to self-directed, independent research is terribly important in my opinion. The more our pupils can learn from almost being able to teach themselves, the better.

This morning you will have received a letter from me listing the policies and documentation we must ensure are available to you, as parents of the school. We must take this proactive step on an annual basis, as part of our remit to continue to meet a number of regulations and standards. Do please come back to me if there is anything you would like to discuss, regarding our policies.

The teaching staff and I have had a very productive time of late reviewing our approach to how we provide feedback to all pupils in the school. We have also been considering how we might change the ways we report what we know of your children’s progress and development back to you, as parents. It is fair to say that Mr Arnold, Mrs Murphy and I now have the very interesting task of pulling all the views expressed by our colleagues together; I am aiming to have a range of updated policies that explain how we assess pupils’ learning and work, and how we report that to you, ready to go for September. I imagine there will be some development of our current practice represented in them. We will of course be very happy to explain all this to you at some point (yet to be decided) early in the new school year.

Finally, you may be interested to know that the School features in the latest edition of Attain Magazine. The article is on the subject of friendship. The eccentrically hyphenated words are not my doing – they exist so as to fit the article onto a printed rather than electronic page, I am told!  Your children should have brought a print copy of the magazine home with them this week but in case you missed it, you can access the digital version by clicking on this link:

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Sports News

Welcome back everyone. As I look outside I think I can see that it’s starting to snow and I bristle with excitement at the cricket season ahead of us. I actually love my cricket, I just hope it warms up a bit soon.

Nothing to report so far this week but the U9s do kick off our season today with four teams playing against The Mall this afternoon. Hopefully everyone is suitably wrapped up.

This brings me to kit and what we need the boys to be wearing for the cricket season. Firstly, no equipment is necessary. We are able to provide all the boys with the specialised equipment needed to play any game, so please don’t feel as though you need to visit your local sports shop and kit your child out like Ben Stokes. In year 3 and 4 all he needs to wear is his PE kit (white socks, white shorts, PE shirt) and I suggest on days like this his tracksuit.

If he has or you would like to purchase white cricket trousers or a cricket jumper, then he is more than welcome to wear those. He must however have white trainers and I suggest, for when it does eventually warm up a little, a hat.

For those boys that are picked to play in the U10 or U11 A or B teams and it is a ‘hardball’ match then white cricket trousers will be needed for the match. In normal games sessions the PE kit is fine. One extra useful piece of equipment for those playing in a hardball game is a ‘box’ and suitable underwear that will secure the box.

Finally a water bottle and sun cream are essential!!! We can not administer sun cream, so we really need the boys to have it, understand how to put it on and how important it is.

I hope this answers any questions you might have. I look forward to seeing you all over the course of the season.

Mr Darmon

Head of Games and PE

Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded to George Murphy, Luke Nunn and Elijah Wilkinson (All 3L) English: For using alliteration in descriptive writing with pictures as a stimulus.

All CCA’s commence next week, please do refer to the email from Mrs Parkinson for details of what your son is doing. There is also a CCA Summer Term list on the notice board situated on the driveway with the details of days and timings etc.

Pre-Prep News

Welcome back to school!  Hopefully, you will all have received the beginning of term letter listing the many events during the Summer Term; although, it is a relatively short term, there is a lot to pack in between now and 7 July.  Please do contact the School Office if you have not received this letter.

A revised EYFS framework was published on 3 March 2017 and came into force on 3 April 2017. Our EYFS policy has been updated to reflect the new requirements, however, it is worth noting there was not a great deal to change as we already had in place many of the specified requirements – for example, it has been made clearer that prescription medicines must not be administered unless prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist – it is very reassuring that this has been a part of policy and practice for a good many years.

The new framework states we must inform parents about members of staff holding a full paediatric first aid certificate (PFA).  To this end, at Hampton Pre-Prep, the following members of staff hold a PFA:  Suzanne Annandale-Johnston, Lindsey Baldwin, Janice Caldwell, Angela Empson, Nicola Goscomb, Amanda Hand, Kathryn Henderson, Chloe Horton, Imogen Murphy, Meg Perkins, Rachel Putterill, Nicola Swain, Lisa Tidy and Eve Timba.  In addition to this, Jan Parkinson and Diane Gellner-Ward have completed a three day ‘First Aid at Work’ course.

Many congratulations to Elise Bay (Year 2) who has achieved her black belt in martial arts; she received her certificate in assembly today.  Also, our congratulations go to Ahaan Shankar; he was awarded Level 1 Learn to Swim – well done!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in class …


Well – if you’ll pardon the pun – it has ‘bean’ a very busy week to start the new term! In Kindergarten we have focused our attention on planting and growing. Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk, we have planted our own beans and cress seeds. We are even carrying out some scientific experiments by having some seeds growing under controlled conditions! The children have enjoyed joining in with the story and next week we are looking forward to incorporating musical instruments to denote the giant’s heavy footsteps, Jack climbing up and down the beanstalk and chopping down the beanstalk. It has given us great pleasure to see lots of the children using letter shapes in their independent writing when creating lists of food for their picnic.  We hope you will enjoy the little story bags we have begun to send home – these contain a copy of the books the children have written in groups, and a cuddly toy to read it to! Have a lovely long weekend.


It was fantastic to see our Reception friends again after the holidays. We have enjoyed sharing our holiday snapshots, photographs, writing and our creative Easter collages with our friends.

In maths, we have been focusing on measurement and looking at the different tools needed in order to measure a variety of things.  We have been comparing length, and thinking about the different words to describe size and length.

We are looking at growth and have planted sunflower seeds, thinking about what they might need in order to grow. We look forward to watching and measuring how tall they grow!  After planting our seeds, we discussed Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting and used the same colour paints to create our own paintings. We are hoping our sunflowers grow to be as beautiful as the ones in the painting

There was an air of excitement on Friday when a gold bean appeared in our classroom! No one knows where it came from or to whom it belongs. We used our imaginations to think about what would happen if we planted this magic bean and this was a stimulus for our writing – we had some fabulous and creative ideas!  Please note next week we are learning about frogs.

Year 1 have been busy in the first week back! We have been learning about Cinderella in English, reading many different versions of the story. We watched a short clip from the original movie to compare how it is different from the book we were reading. Then, we drew and labelled a scene from the story and wrote our own version of the fairy tale.

In maths, we have been learning about place value and naming the groups of tens and ones in numbers up to twenty. We also revisited counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Our new topic in science is ‘Seasonal Changes’. Today we described how the length of the day varies between winter and spring, and identified changes in the trees.

Year 2 have been practising using number lines and hundred squares to add and subtract two two-digit numbers in maths this week.

In English, we revised alphabetical order and learned the four alphabet groups. We then looked at list writing and have written some extravagant lists about what we would like for birthday presents if we were Kings or Queens. We then wrote bullet pointed lists of laws that we would instate if we were royalty. Please note that due to Bank Holiday Monday, spelling tests will take place on Tuesday next week.

In science we spoke about the difference between objects that are living, non-living and those that have never been alive, and also discussed what all living things do. We began our new ‘Rainforest’ topic by working in groups to think about what rainforests are like and what you might see and hear in a rainforest. As part of our topic we shall be visiting the Living Rainforest on Wednesday 17th May. If any Year 2 parents are able to come on the trip please let Miss Goscomb know.

Have a wonderful weekend – enjoy Bank Holiday Monday!

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