Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 5

This Week

Dear Parents,

Marching about in a frightfully smug manner is a pretty ghastly way to behave I reckon, but I had the devil’s own job not to indulge that awful disposition on Wednesday afternoon. I pulled myself together pretty swiftly and ensured my sense of smugness developed into – rightly so – quiet pride. Year 5 had been on their Art Trip to the National Gallery all day and Miss Bee, as one of the teachers accompanying the trip, arrived back at school in the most enormous flap and made a point of steaming straight in to my study to see me immediately – bound not to be a good sign you might think! In actual fact, I need not have worried because Miss Bee was full to bursting with pride and admiration for the boys that she and others had been taking care of that day. They had all enjoyed the visit to the Gallery but more importantly than that (perhaps) all the adults on the trip had been bowled over by the universally positive comments and observations that members of the public had passed on to them about our boys. Of all the kind comments that came the adults’ way, Miss Bee was most affected by the one made by the gentleman who held a door open for a line of our boys to pass through before he did. Each individual boy turned to him as they passed, looked him in the eye and thanked him personally. He thought this was extraordinary and told Miss Bee as much. This was just one of a good number of examples where our Year 5 boys – your sons – behaved beautifully, as they represented their School in public. Mrs Howell, as Head of Art and Trip Leader, explained to me that this was one of the most enjoyable school trips she has ever taken. You can see why I felt so proud of them.

The School Council have now had two meetings where much has been discussed. The representatives wanted to let everyone know that they have decided to donate the funds that they are afforded from the Parents’ Association to Capital Radio’s ‘Make Some Noise’ charity. The charity helps to support small projects across the UK. Some in need of help are young people and their families living with illness, disability or a lack of opportunity. We hope you will agree that this is a worthy cause.

A very generous sum somewhere just north of £500 was donated by you all, as parents, at the conclusion of our Harvest Festival at St. Mary’s Church in Hampton this week. I thought it was an especially moving event. The boys in Years 3 – 6 each presented excerpts, in small groups, of how they understand what our designated charity, Planting Promise, is doing in Sierra Leone and how this sits within the context of ‘Harvest’ here in the UK. Planting Promise is a charity close to my heart, as I taught its founder (when he was as young as 8 years old – which makes me feel terribly ancient) and as some of you already know I have visited Sierra Leone to run teacher training workshops for him. I know all too well how far the sum you have donated will go in and around Freetown, in the schools run by Planting Promise.

November can be such a cruel, cold month so why not ensure you have something excellent to look forward to and put a team together for the Parents’ Association Quiz Night on Thursday 2 November? I understand that there are already more parental teams registered than last year, the food will be a very delicious curry and as is tradition now there will be a staff team. There is also a table decorating competition. The children of the parents who win the table decorating competition will be invited out to lunch by Mr Richards and me if their parents are in the Prep and if the competition is won by Pre-Prep parents, Mrs Murphy and I will take their children out for lunch. The theme for the competition this year is ‘The Animal Kingdom’. This is an excellent way for us to have an enjoyable social time together and I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith



Sports News

It has been a relatively quiet week by our standards. Last Friday saw the last of our fixtures against St. George’s, Windsor as the U8s and U9s put out three teams each. It was a successful day across the board with six wins out of six and some excellent individual and team performances. There was a lot of excitement and elation both during and after the games and it was a useful scenario for us as games staff, to point out to the boys the need to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat. At times we can all be guilty of getting away with ourselves and indulging in the odd gloat, but it’s all part of the learning process for our boys to understand the need to respect the opposition in whatever circumstance and you can rest assured that before too long it will be us who will be the wrong side of a score line and we would expect the same code of behaviour from our opponents.

On Saturday the U10 A and B team were competing in the St. George’s tournament. It was a strong line up and we had done well in this tournament in the past, having won it last year, so we were hopeful of doing well again. However, the A team didn’t quite manage the same heady heights of last year and were knocked out in the semi-finals. The B team however, did pick up a medal as they came runners up in their competition finishing behind Bishopsgate on goal difference. They seemed pretty happy with their medals, as you can see below.

Yesterday the U11 A team travelled to south London to compete in the regionals of the ISFA U11 7-a-side cup. Win this and you go through to the finals at St. George’s Park, the home of England’s 24 national teams. We have always come close in the competition, but actually making it through to the finals has eluded us for quite a few years now and unfortunately yesterday was no different. The boys won their first two games well, but then went on to lose the second two games. However, there was still a chance to go through to the knock out stages if they could get a point against Hereward House in their last group game. Unfortunately, it was not to be and the boys conceded late on, losing the game 4-3.

Today sees the U9s play four teams against The Mall at home and the U8 team travel to Weston Green. Unbelievably we are only a week away from half term and it has been a tremendously busy and successful half term. There is no let up next week but, so let’s hope the boys can go into their half term on a high.


Prep News

Some photos of the Choir at LEH Senior Citizens tea party this week:

Pre-Prep News

As you know our theme this half of term relates to ‘Responsibilities’. Having already explored this in connection to our homes and our school, we broadened our outlook this week by considering how we should look after our world.  We reflected on what it is that we most appreciate about the world and this led us very nicely on to deciding how we must take care of planet earth. Plenty of good discussion ensued and we roundly concluded our actions do not just affect people they can hurt animals, too.  We agreed our planet is an amazing place but it is our collective responsibility to take great care of it.

At Monday’s assembly, Mr Smith congratulated Sebastian Baker (Year 2) on his recent adventures with Beavers, he has gained his ‘First Night Away’ badge, which will go towards a ‘Chief Scout Bronze’ award that he is currently working on. In addition to this, he also achieved a ‘Health and Fitness’ badge. Very well done, Sebastian!

Sebastian also took the opportunity to share his craft skills with us in assembly. He has created the most amazing Christmas decorations made out of buttons – we were all so impressed and think he could easily set up a stall selling his wares at the next Christmas Fair.

Ruark MacDonald (Year 2) was awarded with a medal for playing in a tournament at Chobham for Teddington Rugby Club Under 7s – he scored two tries and his team came second in the competition.

Due to Open Morning, we have not had the opportunity to have our usual Friday assembly, therefore, all awards will be announced at Monday’s assembly.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in class …

We have been talking about Harvest in Kindergarten this week. On Wednesday we joined Reception class for a Harvest assembly. We read the story of the Scarecrow’s hat and sang Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. In class, we made our own scarecrows using pens, pencils, coloured squares and straw.

After reading the story of The Little Red Hen, we decided that we too could make bread, and unlike the characters in the story we would all help to make it. The smell of bread baking in Kindergarten made us all feel very hungry, and the end of the day could not come quick enough so we could our bread rolls.

The children have showed a great interest in Pirates this week so our topic next week will be Water Transport and Pirates. We invite the children to dress up as pirates on Friday 13 October. Next week sound will be ‘t’ for Treasure!

This week in Reception our focus has been on fruit, vegetables and healthy eating.  We have looked carefully at a wide range of different fruits and used descriptive language to talk about them. The boys did some beautiful close observational drawings of a pineapple, using oil pastels. We were impressed with the way they varied their marks to represent the rough skin and spiky leaves.

In mathematics, we have been sorting fruit by size, using the language smaller than and bigger than. Our week culminated in the children performing a wonderful retelling of the story Handa’s Surprise. They worked hard to recall the order of the story, remembering the different animals that sneak in and take fruit from Handa’s basket. Ask your child to tell you about the surprise ending of the story! We talked about our favourite fruits and also those we would like to try – lots of children thought they would really like to try a tangy passion fruit.

In English this week Year 1 read the book ‘Not a Stick’, we ordered the story using pictures and words and then wrote and drew a picture of an object that was ‘Not a Stick’!

We have been improving our addition and subtraction skills this week in maths by adding and subtracting using a number line and solving missing number problems.

We continued our work in science today by learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We sorted different animals into each of the categories, depending on what they ate.

In maths this week, Year 2 have been learning how to add and subtract multiples of ten. They have also been solving missing number calculations, using hundred squares to find the difference between two numbers.

In English, they have planned and started writing their own versions of ‘Diary of a Wombat’. We are hoping to finish these and read them to the children in Kindergarten next week.

We learned about the history of cars in topic before designing what we think cars will look like in the future, as well as the features they might have. We then used Purple Mash to design, print and make models of our cars. In science, we had to design a healthy lunch that comprised foods from the different food groups. In life skills, we spoke about who looks after us when we are poorly and the right we have to medical care.

Have a wonderful weekend.