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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 19

This Week

Dear Parents,

This time last week we held our only Open Morning for prospective parents for the term and it was a very busy event. Special mention goes to the boys in Year 6 who took on various roles, with plenty of them acting as tour guides for our visitors. At the end of the morning and into this week I have been receiving some really wonderful feedback from our visitors regarding how terrific they thought the Year 6 boys were. I could see the boys chatting happily as they were showing visitors around and it seems they are always very proud to showcase the best bits – as well as what they believe to be not quite the best bits, on occasions – of their school. The main point is, we know we can rely on them to tell the truth regarding how they feel about their time with us, which I think is terribly important.

This sort of attitude in our Year 6 pupils is echoed to varying degrees, as appropriate to their age and stage, by boys and girls in other year groups here too. I am very glad about that. Like all schools – both independent and state maintained – we have been obliged to focus for some time now in a very direct way upon what are known as Fundamental British Values. They are:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

On Monday Mr Richards presented his views on the importance of the first two values as above, with his whistle stop tour through the development of the democratic parliamentary system in our country. It was fast paced, truly inspiring, engaging and relevant and we all learnt a great deal – much like the workings and outcomes of the real Parliament itself!

All of this was presented in the context of our current assembly theme ‘Making the Rules’. 6J followed this up with their assembly this morning. They invited us to the ‘Can Do’ film festival, complete with excerpts of inspirational films they had made themselves. Again, in terms of our assembly theme, the main message I took away was that sometimes we make all sorts of silly “rules” for ourselves which actually prevent us from believing in our own potential. This can lead to some degree of unhappiness. I shall try to remember this message if ever I might be inclined to be too hard on myself; I hope your children, if need be, might remember it too.

It has been a very exciting week here due to the weather of course. It was a shame that Years 3 and 4 had to return early from their residential trips but better to be safe than sorry. I realise that it was equally exciting at the end of today, due to the announcement of our early closure. Many thanks from me for your forbearance. We will be happy to receive photos of the best snowmen that you all manage to make this weekend. I wonder what the collective noun for them might be…a blizzard?

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Sports News

It has been a rather strange week for everyone I should imagine and certainly for us in the games department. The weather has meant that very little sport has been played this week and since Monday all games have been cancelled. Unfortunately, our U8 and U11 fixture against Willington fell foul to the weather and the planned U11 tournament at Durston House tomorrow has also been cancelled.

However, we did just about manage to complete our House Cross-Country all be it without the Pre-Prep boys and girls. The format was changed slightly and each year group only came outside for their race due to the temperature, but every boy came out and did themselves proud puting the ‘Beast from the East’ to the back of their minds and ploughing on regardless. I was really proud of how all the boys approached the event and happy to see so many parents still braving the elements to cheer on all the boys.

The overall results cannot be announced until the pupils from the Pre-Prep have completed their races, which will hopefully happen next week. However, you will see below the top three in each group:

Year 6:

1st – Jack Price

2nd – Ben Aldous

3rd – Harvey Cooper


Year 5:

1st – Thomas Deedman

2nd – Cormac Harvey

3rd – Thomas Keen


Year 4:

1st – Marcus Solomon

2nd – Massimo Palladino

3rd – Oscar Cushing

Year 3:

1st – Rocco Freedman

2nd – Joseph Timba

3rd – George Moria

Hopefully things will get back to normal next week and after U10 and U11 fixtures against St. Benedict’s on Monday, we will all be working hard to prepare for the Surrey Junior Rugby Festival on Sat 10th March. Have a lovely weekend.

Prep News

Here are a few snaps from our fun in the snow this week…

During the Easter 2018, Chris Harrison will be running a cricket coaching days which are ideal for young cricketers to have fun, improve their skills and prepare for the upcoming season. Each session will include skill drills for batting, bowling and fielding as well as net and match play practice. Please click here for more information on how to book.



Pre-Prep News

Although not enough snow for a decent snowman we have made the most of the snowfall in our playground here at Pre-Prep; it has been lovely to see the children working together in their attempts to build one, but general consensus was that it was just not the right type of snow!  If the cold weather continues into next week, please do send your child in to school with a pair of wellington boots, together with their school shoes, so that they can keep their feet warm and dry during the school day.

You will be hearing from the School Office regarding the rescheduling of the Parents’ Meetings.  We anticipate that we will keep booked timings exactly the same – it will simply be on an alternative Thursday before the end of this term and, as previously arranged, Late Stay will be at Prep on that day.

A final reminder, the children need to come to school dressed as their favourite book character on Thursday 8 March for the HPPP Book Day.

You will have seen in the School Calendar that the Travelling Book Fair arrives soon. The book sale will operate in the hall at Pre-Prep at the following times:

Monday 12 March                           –               from 8.30am & again 3.30pm

Tuesday 13 March                           –              from 8.30am & again at 3.30pm

Wednesday 14 March                    –              from 8.30am

If you cannot make the fair but would still like your child to buy a book under ‘guidance’, please send money in by Monday 12 March in a named envelope.  Generally, the books on sale are under £10 – often there is a deal on multiple purchases.

Today in assembly, the Courtesy Cup and Badge were awarded to Sebastian Baker (Year 2) for being polite and helpful.

and Stars of the Week to the following pupils:

Year 2: Archie Skinner for working so hard and making fantastic progress in maths.

Year 1: Aashish Gill for working hard on his writing and spelling some tricky words.

Reception: Tom Ellman-Brown for trying so hard during his reading and ‘Supersonic Phonic Sessions’.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in class ….

This week in Kindergarten our topic has been Farm Animals. We have been talking about and observing a variety of animals that live on farms and their environments. The children have been learning farm animal names and the specific names for young and adults. We have been reading the story ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell and the children enjoyed joining in with the repeated refrain “How goes the work?”. The children have had fun making their own sheep using paper plates and cotton wool, showing off their cutting skills when adding heads, legs and tails. Our farm topic leads us nicely to the very ‘egg-citing’ upcoming event – ‘Living Eggs’. An incubator full of chicken eggs arrives on Monday.  Our phonic sound this week was ‘o’ and the children concentrated on a picture full of objects, identifing objects beginning with this sound.

We have been learning all about road safety this week in Reception. The children were so excited to bring their scooters to school on Tuesday ready for a fabulous session with our Junior Safety Officers (JSOs) from the Prep school.  The JSOs gave the boys opportunities to practise safe stopping, scooting fast and slowing down, navigating obstacles and, of course, learning some fancy tricks! We are grateful to Mr Richards and the JSOs for providing an informative and interesting scooter skills session.  In the classroom, we have spoken at length about the safe crossing of roads and the children demonstrated good understanding of the need to think, stop, think, look and listen, and finally cross.  In mathematics, we have continued our work on ordinal numbers – having races and talking about our position in the race. We have ordered numbers to 20, and continued our work on money.  In phonics this week, we have been learning new digraphs oi and ie. The boys used their thinking skills to imagine and design new modes of transport – we loved seeing some very imaginative plans.  The boys also had the opportunity to use the computer to research favourite types of transport and each child picked an image to print and then to later paint. Next week, we are looking forward to celebrating Book Day on Thursday and a trip to Hampton Library on Friday.

This week Year 1 enjoyed looking at rhyming words as part of their poetry work in English. We read the poem ‘What is it like?’ and thought of our own descriptive lines to write about a scene of a park.

The children worked hard on measuring this week in maths. We learned about ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’ and weighed objects from around the classroom using non-standard units. Later in the week, we learned how to read scales using grams and kilograms.

In science, as part of our topic on plants, we planted beans. Over the next few weeks we will watch and record them growing – hopefully they will begin to sprout and we will be able to take them home to plant in the garden at Easter!

In topic this week, Year 2 have been thinking about explorers and what to pack when going on an exploration to somewhere new. The children thought of very sensible ideas, including a GPS, dried food and a first aid kit.

In English, we have been writing our own versions of ‘Bob Man on the Moon’ – next week, we will be reading these to Kindergarten as part of our Book Day celebrations.

In maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract two digit numbers using ‘near multiples’ of ten (numbers that have 1 or 9 units). We had to be very careful!

We learned about gravity in science and went on a ‘forces walk’ around school to try to find examples of pushes, pulls and gravity. Our favourite one was snow being pulled to the ground by gravity.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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