Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 27

This Week

Dear Parents,

Last weekend the HPPPA held the summer ball, at which many great items were auctioned including the chance for one boy to become Headmaster for the Day. I am the lucky winner of that auction prize, and today I have explored taking on all the responsibilities that the Headmaster does. I think others have told me, all in all, I did pretty well but I know how important it is for no one to be a show off at our school, Headmasters included! For info, the Raffle raised £495 and Heads and Tails raised £300. The auction prizes raised £1,300 so we raised a total of £2,095 for the Parents’ Association.

Today has been interesting for everyone, not just me. It has been our Breaking the Rules day. This idea was first introduced by the School Council. All boys in the Prep had to pay £1 to break four rules. The main thing boys were excited about was bringing in their gadgets. In addition, there was a book swap event after morning break. The staff had to break the rules as well today by baking cakes for the boys, and Headmaster.

Earlier this week, when I was still a school boy, Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament. Here is a summary of the excursion that took place as part of our Leavers’ Programme, written by Mr Richards:

British pomp and ceremony were on great display last weekend as a new Royal couple started their own journey in Windsor. Year 6 continued theirs with an in depth look into the workings and development of our own society. The Leavers’ Programme took the year and accompanying adults to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday. The Fundamental British Values of democracy, freedom of speech, respect and tolerance were certainly on display and the boys responded brilliantly. Live debates in both Houses of Commons and the Lords were listened to intently. A whistle stop tour of the buildings helped the boys to make sense of many key events in our parliamentary and country’s history. They concluded the visit with two workshops where they were challenged to articulate their own understanding and reasoning through the power of debate. It was illuminating and extremely rewarding to see them consider their own personal view point and combine it with their previous learning. Our assembly themes of ‘making…’ and ‘breaking the rules’ earlier in the year, along with our current theme of ‘hostility’ – which is replaced with ‘hospitality’ after half term –  had clearly been very well absorbed. It was also great to note the boys’ community spirit and the unprompted offers of giving up their seats to hassled and older commuters on both journeys!

I had a very interesting meeting with Mr Arnold today. He told me 108 boys sat exams this week. Year 3 sat 3 exams each. Years 4 and 5 sat 4 each. That makes a total of 396 exams. Each exam had an average of 70 questions. That makes 27,720 questions answered and marked since Monday. Do you think he used his calculator for that one? Well done from me to all the boys for their perseverance.

Earlier this week when Mr Smith was still Headmaster he was out patrolling the local streets, in response to some recent observations from our neighbours about the parents parking near the school in the mornings. Please can I remind you to park legally, considerately and safely.

Some staff news now, last week Mr Salt and his wife were very lucky to have a baby girl. Her name is Rosie May and he says she loves to eat and sleep during the day, not so much at night.

Have a great half term,


William Lawson

Headmaster For The Day

Sports News

So on reflection it has been a pretty successful half term on the cricket front. Apart from during the first week and a half, we haven’t lost any games to the weather. Therefore, plenty of boys have had quite a lot of exposure to the game and hopefully enjoyed themselves along the way.

On Monday the U11 A and B team played against St. Benedict’s at Hampton School. Both teams won convincingly due to two really good batting displays. Each team had pretty reasonable targets to chase and did so with ease. Consequently, it would appear that the many hours in the nets over the winter and in the run up to the season has had a really positive impact.

On Tuesday a large proportion of Year 3 played against Surbiton High. Now the boys have learnt the game and have a greater understanding of what it entails I urged the boys to think about how they could implement the skills they have learnt in their games sessions more readily. To my great pleasure this was certainly the case in the C team game and the boys were far more comfortable playing attacking shots and having the confidence to run between the wickets. On mass the boy in Year 3 have really progressed and I can only see this progression continuing during the rest of the term.

On Wednesday the U10 A and B and the U11 A and B played against Surbiton High. In order to distribute batting time, both the A teams effectively reversed their batting order which gave some of the boys who are a little less confident more exposure out in the middle. They stood up well to what usually equates to better bowling, however for the U11s they were unable to post enough runs and Surbiton knocked them off with 4 overs to spare.

The U10s fared better. Their natural strength lies in their bowling attack and so although the total they posted wasn’t the largest, they were easily able to bowl out the opposition and won by 47 runs.

Today all the boys in the U9s travel to Surbiton High to play a full fixture and after that we can all tale a deep breath and look forward to a well earned rest.

After half term, due to residentials, there will be no fixtures during the first week back. The week after that sees five boys in Year 6 travel to the Thames Valley Athletics Centre to compete in the annual London Prep Schools Athletics meet. Then there are Cricket fixtures for all boys in the U8s and U9s against Willington, a large Colts fixture versus Bishopsgate and then more games for the U9s against St. Benedict’s. It’s a good job we have a couple of weeks off first.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term.

Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded by Master Lawson to Amin Chaudhry (6J) For consistent focus, development and a high standard of independent work in Science. Thomas Duffy (3L) For his love of maths, outstanding ability and willingness to complete any mathematical activity. James Phillips (3L) For his enjoyment and readiness to take on challenges in maths. Billy Matthews For story writing in the style of Rudyard Kipling’s Just so Stories, “How the Parrot got its copy voice” and Vasily Uskov for “How the crab got its shell.”

It was such a busy day at Prep today, the staff cake sale was opened by our Headmaster for the day Mr Lawson and went very well – who’d have thought our teachers were such talented bakers, we raised a grand total of £143.80 for Lymphoma Action – well done all!

The Charity Book Swap which also took place this morning was enjoyed by all the boys in Year 3 to 6! Lots of new books for some half term reading.



Pre-Prep News

What with bug hunts, bug hotels, and observing changes in tadpoles and caterpillars, we have had great fun this half of term looking very closely at the everyday living world.  There is no doubt it is intriguing and magical, and full of awe and wonder for young children and they need time for exploration and discovery in order to learn and appreciate the world around them.  Fingers crossed the sun will shine this half term holiday to allow them to continue having fun outdoors.

It promises to be a very busy week back after half term firstly with ‘moving up’ morning on Tuesday 5 June for pupils in Reception to Year 2.  Don’t forget you are invited to visit your child’s next classroom at the end of the school day. Please note the teachers will not be able to accommodate visitors until their current classes have been dismissed safely in to the hands of their parents / carers – therefore, we ask that you kindly wait outside until the children have all been collected and we will then let you back in to school via the blue school gate – we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Later in the week, on Friday 8 June, we will be holding Sports Day and our Art Exhibition at Prep.  If you have not replied to the letter sent out about this event, please do so as soon as possible, it is really important for us to know your plans in advance of the day!

Year 1 have had an exceptionally busy time, as we saw at Monday’s assembly when Mr Smith made the following awards: Asher Holmes (Year 1) received his Deep-Water Confidence Badge and a medal from Teddington Athletic F.C. for his endeavours in the U6 squad. Harry Cole (Year 1) received his 100m ASA swimming badge and certificate. Toby Bradbury (Year 1) received his KUK Sook Won Sparring Badge and  Harry Morris (Year 1) gained a certificate for Best Lodge 2017 – 2018 from Beavers.  Congratulations to you all!

Last week’s Courtesy Cup and Badge were awarded to Aryan Tewatia (Reception) for his beautiful manners and helpful ways at school.  Well done!

and Stars of the Week  went to the following pupils:

Year 2: Dean Fitzpatrick for making excellent progress in his maths.

Year 1: Harry Cole for his fantastic effort with his work this week.

Reception: Batu Kirbay for his fabulous independent writing about his weekend.

Today, the Courtesy Cup and Badge were awarded to Ben Deedman (Year 2) for being extremely polite to adults and children.  Mrs Timba commented that he always waits for her to go through doors ahead of him and always remembers to say please and thank you.

and Stars of the Week  went to the following pupils:

Year 2: James Nunn for always being so conscientious and thoughtful in how he approaches tasks.

Year 1: Omar Suliman for fantastic letter writing.

Reception: Callum Porter for super reading and working hard all this half term – well done, Callum!

Here is what we have been up to in class ….

This week Kindergarten have been looking at Healthy Eating. Together we looked at lots of different foods, sorting them into two groups – one labelled ‘I need to eat a lot of this’ and the other, ‘I can eat a little of this’. We were pleased to discover we are still able to have treats as part of a healthy diet, but only in ‘moderation’. As part of our sports day practice, we discussed the importance of drinking water and having a good balanced diet. We used grown-up words such as ‘perspiration’, ‘dehydration’ and ‘rehydration’. We found the meaning of many new words – as well as ‘moderation’, we found out about ‘proteins’ and ‘carbohydrates’.

As a group, we discussed favourite fruit types and together made a bar chart to record our findings. We used this information to indicate what smoothies we would like to make. It was a difficult decision choosing between a ‘Strawberry Surprise’, a ‘Mango Mayhem’ and a ‘Brilliant Blueberry’ smoothie. After thorough hand washing, we cut the fruit up needed and placed this into the smoothie maker. We added banana and fruit juice before pressing the button to ‘‘whizz’ and ‘mix’ the ingredients together. They were delicious!

Our topic after half term is Sports Day and Travel.

This week has been very busy in Reception, the children enjoyed many versions of Goldilocks and the three bears and Pirate themed activities. On Wednesday, a mysterious message in a bottle appeared at Pre-Prep front door. We were excited to find a message from Pirate Pat; he was stuck on a treasure island asking for ideas to help him return back to dry land. After a great discussion sharing ideas, the children wrote messages that they returned in the bottle. In mathematics, the children have been sorting and describing 3D shapes and comparing their sizes. They designed their ‘dream chair’ – many had interesting features, such as cup and chocolate holders, pet cushions and castle ramparts!

We finished the week with a very fun ‘Pirate Teddy Bears Party’! The class enjoyed taking part in Pirate Yoga and making hats for themselves and their teddies. Captain Timba’s evil twin Captain Greenbeard was caught red-handed stealing the class ‘unifix treasure’, which she then hid around the School. Reception pirates went on a treasure hunt in the front garden to recover all the bricks and in payment won themselves a Pirate Picnic! We hope you had a fabulous day Pirates! Happy half term!

This week, Year 1 have been writing letters in English. Mrs Doyle woke up to a giraffe in her garden, so Year 1 were enlisted to help! They wrote a letter to the zookeeper explaining the problem and asked questions on how to look after the giraffe and how to resolve the situation before all the plants in her garden had been eaten!

In maths, we revisited sharing and dividing numbers. We worked on dividing numbers by 2 and 3 using numbers up to 20.

In science, we used PurpleMash to consolidate our topic on Seasons by using ICT to write about and import pictures about spring.

In maths, Year 2 have been using their knowledge of measurements to solve word problems.

We had a very exciting tea party in English on Tuesday; we had to use prepositions to ask each other to pass various treats such as carrot sticks, cucumber sandwiches and even a piece of cake. We also had to act as though we were royalty, using our best Queen’s English! We have also been making leaflets all about the rainforest.

In topic, we learned more about rainforest people and how their daily lives are different to ours. After half term, we will be making model rainforests in shoeboxes – please do send an empty shoebox and any junk modelling items in if you remember!

In science, we worked as groups to make bug hotels, which we have since placed in the front garden. So far, the bugs that have moved in include woodlice, snails and slugs.

Have a super half term break!