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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 31

This Week

Dear Parents,

This will be my final Bulletin of the year, as out of tradition as much as anything else, next week I will send you an end of term letter instead of publishing an edition of the Bulletin on our website.

Our themed assembly programme for the year concludes next week, and in addition to that, we will gather all Pre-Prep & Prep pupils on Monday for a special ‘in-house’ joint assembly to kick off the week of celebration and farewells that the final, remaining days of term inevitably signify. There are few occasions when we can gather all pupils together like this, but it is always a very special occasion when we do. Our girls in Year 2 will be leaving us at the end of this term of course, and it is very important to both Mrs Murphy and me that we have the opportunity, as a whole school, to recognise the very special contributions their efforts and achievements represent for us.

‘Hospitality’ has been the theme for our assemblies this half term and Mr Henderson’s own assembly really hit home the meaning to us in very powerful and entertaining ways this week. A selection of colleagues (and I!) were invited to perform, in front of the entire Prep, all sorts of greeting rituals and behaviours that demonstrate a hospitable welcome from a range of cultures across the globe. What Mr Henderson then very helpfully led us to conclude was that the mechanics of how we show kindness, warmth and a generosity of spirit towards others may differ from country to country or culture to culture, but one thing remains the same: if an optimistic and open hearted attitude prevails – when we meet new people for the first time – any subsequent relationships that may develop are always going to have the best chance of succeeding. Boys in the Prep were asked to practise the greetings at home that my colleagues and I demonstrated for them; if they have not done this, ask them to pick one to greet you with tonight!

The Year 6 Leavers’ Programme is also close to concluding. Amongst all that was taking place for Year 6 this week, their science trip to Hampton School on Thursday was a highlight for many. A great deal of practical science was packed into the event; boys conducted their own investigations into identifying an unknown material (all within the context of a Lego Batman-themed whodunit). They also performed some chromatography, used a variety of colourful indicator solutions to test pH and, most dramatically of all, sprayed some liquids through Bunsen burners to see what colour the flame turned. All very exciting stuff and we hope to expand on this next year with more science-themed trips in the company of our colleagues at the senior school. Alongside this academic event, the overall development of the Year 6 boys’ life skills has been the main focus for them this week; they explored their entrepreneurial streaks in mini business enterprise workshops on Monday (a new addition to our programme for this year), they visited the Sutton Life Centre on Tuesday and they honed their culinary skills at LEH this morning in the food technology department there, before learning how to keep themselves safe in a self-defence workshop this afternoon.

I am very much looking forward to the Year 3 and 4 play in the Hammond Theatre at Hampton School this afternoon and will be very happy to see large numbers of you at our Summer Charity Fun Afternoon, run by your Parents’ Association, tomorrow. Do prepare to brace yourselves in for the final push next week, as we gallop towards the end of term!

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Sports News

The last sports bulletin of the year. I was talking to a Year 6 boy yesterday and he was telling me all about the school he is going to next year and how he was excited and nervous in equal measure. However, the first thing he said to me was how this year had gone by in a flash and I can certainly relate to that.

The swimming gala followed by our 5-a-side football tournament seem like only a few months ago, yet here we are on the brink of July and we are once again waving goodbye to another set of boys. In all aspects of school, the current Year 6 boys have been a fantastic bunch but particularly so on the sporting front.

A tremendously talented year group across all of our three major sports it has been a pleasure to coach them and try in my own small way to develop them not just physically but also mentally and socially. The unique nature of the subject allows for the development of all three components and so I hope as a department we have done our bit to mould 36 well-rounded young men, who I have no doubt, will all go on to make fantastically positive contributions to society.

I appreciate these contributions may well not be sport related. However, I certainly do hope that they have learnt a few lessons on the sports field that they will be able to transfer to whatever walk of life they choose to follow.

One example of this development was evident last weekend when 12 very lucky boys travelled to Guernsey on our annual U11 Cricket tour. The boys played three matches, two of which were against our good friends from Elizabeth College Junior School and one versus a Guernsey U11 side. With a population of 65,000, it stands to reason that the standard of that side would be very good, which it was, but Hampton Prep were the victors in all three games, which just goes to show what a good side we have had this year.

However, winning those three matches was not the example of their development that I was referring to. It was the comments made by all the host families of how polite, helpful and well behaved every single boy had been over the weekend and even more remarkable were the numerous members of the public who went out of their way to comment on the impeccable conduct of our boys in the airport. All 36 boys have been a credit to their families and the school over the past four years, I thank them immensely for their sporting efforts and commitment and I will most definitely miss them.

In other news this week we held a lower ability cricket festival at both U10 and U8 age groups. We didn’t manage to recruit as many schools as we would have liked, however this presented an opportunity to trial something new, as we amalgamated all three schools in attendance into two teams. In short, each team had four boys from each school in it. They had to introduce themselves to eight strangers and learn each other’s names then work together as a team. Some boys took to it quicker than others, but both afternoons worked really well and I hope the unique format was beneficially to all the boys in a number of different ways.

Last Friday we concluded the House Cricket competition as the Year 3 and 4s went into battle. Following the previous Mondays tight contest between Lancaster and Windsor in the Year 5 and 6 competition, it was Lancaster who once again took victory after beating Tudor. This meant that they won the overall competition capping off an excellent week after also winning Sports Day.

To all staff, parents and pupils I would like to say a tremendous thank you for your support and commitment to sport at Hampton Prep this year. I feel as though we have gone from strength to strength and continued to build upon the excellent foundations of the previous year. I am well aware that for the parents there is an awful lot of running around and your support on the side lines is greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to starting all over again in September.

Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded to Max Beesley, Danny Prichard, Lucas Band and Richard Turner For completing another voyage on the Reach to the Stars Programme demonstrating continued progress and effort in developing reading and spelling skills. Max Brisbane (6J) The level of visual authenticity in his project on The Home Guard; Asa Jennings (6J) Outstanding quality and presentation in his project on Operation Valkyrie; Jack Price (6J) Excellent written content and originality of thought in his project on Operation Valkyrie and Nathaniel Taylor (6J) For excellent research and presentation in his project on Operation Valkyrie

This week year 6 had a busy week with their leavers timetable:

Music at Hampton

Science at Hampton

During the Summer Holidays 2018, Chris Harrison will be running cricket coaching courses which will act as the perfect way to play, have fun and enjoy some more cricket. Each day will help confidence and develop a young players understanding of the game. Sessions will include skill drills for batting, bowling and fielding as well as match and net practice. A great way to spend the summer holidays! please click here for more details on how to book.

Pre-Prep News


Wow, the last bulletin of the academic year 2017 – 2018; it has been the greatest of fun with plenty to celebrate.

We are proud to have had a greater number of Pre-Prep representatives in the Informal Concerts this year and have no doubts whatsoever that this will continue next year. We are thrilled by how far we have come over the last few years with our instrumental programme and now have quite a number of budding musicians at Pre-Prep.  It is always so joyful to celebrate their musical talents less informally in our assemblies, too.  Monday’s assembly was the perfect example, as we were treated to magnificent performances from James Nunn (Year 2) on his viola and the piano and Aarav Tegginamath (Year2) who brought in his electric guitar to strum a few numbers from his repertoire – thank you boys!

We congratulated Jonah Miles (Reception) on his recent success at a gymnastics competition at his local club.  Not only did Jonah win his age group, but was awarded his medal by the current World Champion – very well done!

Krishna Parmar (Reception) attends the same gym club and on Friday brought in his special gym clothes. He showed us his Stage 8 British Gymnastics Proficiency Award – well done, Krishi!

Our theme this half-term has been ‘hospitality’, and the children have discovered this word derives from the Latin hospes, meaning ‘host’, ‘guest’ or ‘stranger’.  Through our assemblies, we have explored the notion that we should always try to extend a warm welcome to guests and visitors, as putting people at their ease is so very important.

Putting others before ‘self’ has been prevalent through the school year; this is in no small measure down to the efforts of our School Councillors.  Good causes have been chosen fairly and democratically at the meetings and the School Councillors have coordinated our support of charities near and far- from the more local RNLI at Teddington, Cancer Research (nationally) to WaterAid supporting those from more distant locations.  This has kept us all busy almost to the last minute.  Their latest initiative ‘Change for Charity’ was a great success today.  The children worked collaboratively firstly by sorting the 1p and 2p coins, counting them carefully into £1s to finally adding the total.  They even got a little creative in the playground, designing a giant spiral and zigzag out of the coins brought in to school.  Many thanks indeed for supporting us today – the children have benefited greatly from this ‘hands on’ maths experience, using and applying their skills in real life application.

Niam Thakrar-Vara (Year 2) recently decided to show his support for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Niam, with his sister Iyla and two close friends, Theo and Elise will be cycling around Richmond Park.  Your support in raising money for a well-known cause would be appreciated greatly, as GOSH is a charity that is close to them all. Money raised will go towards the purchase of a specialist piece of equipment needed at the hospital.

Please donate at:

(Niam will have a sponsorship form available near the signing in sheets next week, if you would prefer to donate cash!)

You will have noticed it is the termly Parents’ Visits on Monday 2 July.  Visitors to Kindergarten will be welcomed from 11.30 am and the visit will be extended to the rest of the parent community at 3.00pm; this will include afternoon Kindergarten children to Year 2.  Next term, we shall be re-branding the visit to ‘Open Classrooms’ so do make a note of the date once the Autumn Term calendar has been published!

A final reminder that it is our Summer Concert and Prize Giving on Thursday 5 July – the concert takes place in the James Hall will start at 9.30 am and should last about an hour.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Please be prepared for changes to the timetable next week – on both Monday and Wednesday morning, we shall be going to the James Hall to practise our concert and therefore there will be reduced time for reading.  To this end, the children will have their last piece of homework today (Friday 30 June) and on Monday (2 July) all reading books will be collected in.

Year 2 children will need their PE kit for gym on Wednesday, but Year 1 children won’t as we have other activities planned.

On Thursday, however, all PE sessions with Mr Wales will go ahead, so Reception, Years 1 and 2 must have their PE kit with them in school.

Today in assembly, the Courtesy Cup and Badge were awarded to Daniel Taylor (Year 1) for always being a great role model and being very helpful.

and Stars of the Week  went to the following pupils:

Year 2: William Dumbrell (2 Stars) for trying exceptionally hard with his writing this week – well done, William!

Year 1: Reuben Nicholson (2 Stars) for working so hard in English this week.

Reception:  Tom Ellman-Brown (2 Stars) for working so hard at all his tasks yesterday, especially his writing.  Well done!

Here is what we have been up to in class ….

What a wonderful week of weather we have had! Kindergarten have taken full advantage of this and thoroughly made the most of enjoying our outdoor space. Water play has been a huge hit, as has been the sandpit, making us feel very much like being on holiday. Which, is exactly what some of the children have been pretending while playing in our ‘campsite’ role-play area. Listening to them tell their friends about their camping experiences has been insightful.

Our focus topic this week has been Emergency Services. We have been impressed with the children’s knowledge and understanding of the different variety of services there are and what their roles are, when assisting and helping us.

We were lucky to see that our five caterpillars emerged from their cocoons this week. We fed them oranges and bananas that they loved! The children took the butterflies to our front garden and we released them, it was very exciting to watch them fly free.

Our topic next week is ‘Summer’.

We have really enjoyed the sunny weather in Reception this week. We have been busy learning about minibeasts, and have been on a fruitful bug hunt in the front garden. We found ants, slugs, worms, woodlice and there were reported sightings of a grass snake! We wrote recounts of our hunt, working hard to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In mathematics, we have really enjoyed learning about symmetry. We have created symmetrical butterflies using 2D shapes, and also worked in pairs to create symmetrical statues! This will be the last bulletin message from us in Reception, and we would like to congratulate all the children on a wonderful school year. We wish them all the very best for an exciting year ahead in Year 1.

This week Year 1 have been leaning all about sharks! We talked about lots of shark facts and worked in pairs to recall some of the facts we learnt. We then wrote our facts in sentences. Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed learning about some of the more unusual shark species, especially the ‘goblin’ shark!

In maths, we revisited 2D and 3D shapes. We revised the names and looked at the properties of each of the shapes by counting sides, faces and verticies.

In our last science lesson of the year, we talked about what it is like to be a doctor and discussed whether a doctor is a scientist. We then made our own doctor’s surgery thinking about what we need to keep healthy.  Many of the children in Year 1 are now aspiring doctors!

In maths this week, Year 2 have been revising fractions, including being able to recognise them, compare them and find fractions of quantities. Some children have also learned about equivalent fractions.

In our grammar lesson this week, we focused on when and how to use exclamation marks. We have also planned our own versions of ‘The Magic Finger’ and have written the beginning of these. We had to think really carefully about writing the beginning in detail so that it engages the reader. Some children were so careful that they wrote new drafts of their story beginnings to improve them by adding in more detail or more interesting vocabulary.

In life skills, we learned about the importance of having friends and how to look after each other both at Pre-Prep and in our next class or school. In science, we looked at the beans that we planted last week and discussed the reasons why they have changed either by growing roots and shoots, or by growing mould! We checked on our bean in the dark drawer which has started to grow, much to our surprise. We have now finished our rainforest dioramas in topic – they are all so different and detailed.


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