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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 7

This Week

Dear Parents,

There was much excitement here on Monday morning as we were all able to celebrate the U11A football team’s win in the ISFA regional championship that took place at Aldenham School last week. Mr Darmon writes in greater detail about this competition in his sports bulletin. We have all been feeling very proud of the boys who put up such a great fight to win in the final stage of the competition. It was fitting that our week began with some positive footballing news and finished today with more really exciting House Football. The ISFA national finals take place in May next year, so there will be more excitement to come then, no doubt!

I believe we have all enjoyed a hugely interesting half term here in the Prep for all sorts of reasons but chief amongst them has been our exploration of the word industry, our assembly theme. It was a great pleasure to welcome Mr Hill, Head of First Year and Mr Woods, Assistant Head both from Hampton School to lead our assembly on Monday morning this week. Wow – what a terrific presentation it proved to be! They talked us through their analysis of three previous industrial revolutions and really got our minds whirring in relation to the fourth industrial revolution, which they explained we are in the midst of now. The boys were all asked to consider what benefits to society may be forthcoming as a result of future industrial innovations and developments, as well as considering to what extent they might be able to influence the future of industry, as they grow up. All wonderful challenging stuff for us to get our brains going on a Monday morning!

Mr Henderson continued with our theme on Wednesday, as he explored the nature of our emotional responses to the various ways in which all sorts of industries affect our lives. He used the example of the commercial sports industry to illustrate his point and the boys had great fun trying to guess who on the staff supported some well and some lesser well known sports teams. Mr Salt and the boys from 4S concluded our exploration of the word industry by highlighting the sorts of skills, qualities and dispositions that are required in order to be successful in a whole range of differing professions. It was an excellent way for us to tie up all that we have been considering in relation to our theme this half term.

Joy has filled the hearts and minds of the boys in the Prep this week, as this was the theme for our Open Homework assignments this year. It was just extraordinary to see the selection of work on display in the James Hall after the House Football today; the boys’ creations never cease to amaze! Open Homework appears to be going from strength to strength as each year passes that we complete it and it seems the boys’ imaginations know no bounds. I am very grateful to Mr Andrae who managed to capture pictures of each piece of work – something I have long wished to do myself in previous years – to show on the screen in the James Hall, alongside all the actual examples we had set up for display.

If you checked out our Tweets this week or you were able to make it to the Open Homework exhibition you cannot have failed to notice our beautiful new grand piano, quietly yet elegantly occupying a corner of the James Hall. The purchase of this instrument was made possible with funds raised by the Parents’ Association, in other words, you! It is an extraordinary and unprecedented gift to receive and to say we are incredibly grateful is an understatement – very many thanks indeed to you all for making it possible.

Have a terrifically joyful half term break,

Tim Smith


Sports News

There have been no fixtures this week, which is quite handy considering how much there is tell you about last Friday.

It was a pretty momentous day for the school and for a small group of Year 6 boys and so I will save this until the end.

Here at school all the boys in the U9 age group played against King’s House. This is a new fixture at this age group, as over the summer King’s House changed their games afternoons. Great news for the Year 4 boys but not so great for everyone else, as this is now the only age group where we match up. However, it was a reasonably successful afternoon against a school that is big enough to field at least 6 sides and therefore has a much larger pool of boys to pick from. The final tally was 2 wins,1 loss and 1 draw.

The U8 A team returned to King’s College, Wimbledon to take part on the annual U8 Centenary Cup. This is a 6-a-side competition and involves a large number of very big well established Prep Schools. The boys did very well considering and made it through to the quarter final stage where they lost to Cumnor House. For these boys it was their first taste of tournament style football and so they will have learnt a lot from being in that environment and how it differs from the one off games we play on normal fixture afternoons.

One of the big things to try and develop is the need to relax after each game and then re-focus for the start of each new game. I never found this easy when I used to play; the constant build-up of stress and nerves for each game was always something I disliked and the fatigue of playing in a competition like this is another barrier to overcome.

This leads me to the U11 ISFA Regional tournament that the U11s played in last Friday. This is without doubt the pinnacle and main focus of the U11 football season. Winning the ISFA regionals has eluded us as a school for many a year. The winners go on to the national finals that are played at St. George’s Park, which is the FA national football centre. Therefore, winning the regionals is a huge accomplishment.

Unbeknown to us before the tournament, we were drawn in the ‘group of death’. Possibly the four strongest teams in the competition had all been drawn in the same group and so needless to say we found the group stages fairly tough. A 1-1 draw against Radlett Prep School was the eye opener the boys needed to make them realise this was going to be no easy day and this was followed by a 1-0 loss to Lochinver House in the second game. Lochinver had won this tournament twice in the past three years and were once again the strong favourites and despite struggling to get our attack going, the goal we conceded was a very unfortunate own goal and so we took heart from the result and went on to beat Highgate 3-1 in the final group game. This meant we went through as group runners up resulting in being drawn against Haberdasher’s Aske’s in the last 16.

We were by far the stronger of the two teams in this game but went behind to a goal from a corner and only managed to equalise late in the second half. This resulted in a penalty shoot-out and our three main penalty takers Tom Keen, Tom Deedman and Cormac Harvey were all superb in converting their penalties before the opposition missed their final penalty sending us through to the quarter final versus Aldwickbury School.

We played superb football in this match and won comfortably 2-0. This led to a semi-final versus Lochinver House. It turned out that the four teams in the semi-finals were the four teams from our group, hence the ‘group of death’ tag. Luckily the format for this competition meant that all the teams went through to the last 16, meaning all the teams from our group had the opportunity to carry on through to the knockout stages. It has to be said that Lochinver House were the better team in this game, they were probably the most talented in the tournament and in the semi-final they hit the woodwork approximately 4 times. However, the fact of the matter is, they couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net and a superb break and left foot strike from Cormac Harvey gave us the lead and they were unable to wrestle it back off us.

This superb defence meant we only conceded 3 goals throughout the whole tournament and was absolutely the reason why we were being so successful.

This same resolute defence was repeated in the final against Radlett Prep School and we pretty much cancelled each other out in normal time, with no goals being scored. In other rounds this would result in a penalty shoot-out but the rules stated that in the final there was to be a further 2 minutes each way of extra time. However, there was no change in the score at the end of extra time and once again we were reduced to a penalty shoot-out.

The format for the penalties was three penalties each, if the score was still tied at this point then it would be sudden death. Our three penalty takers were once again imperious. However, so were theirs and the scores were tied; it was now sudden death. Unfortunately, we missed our fourth penalty and if the opposition were to score we were out, but up stepped Daniel Gray to save the next penalty and keep our hopes alive.

Daniel had made some unbelievable saves throughout the tournament and there is no doubt that if he hadn’t been playing we certainly wouldn’t have won the semi-final.  It was definitely his day and when every other player on both teams had scored, up stepped Daniel to take his penalty. He buried it in the top corner and now had to try and save the penalty that their keeper was now about to take, and save it he did! The team were in raptures and engulfed Daniel to congratulate him on what was a special day in the schools footballing history. However, what pleased me more than anything was how quickly the boys put their jubilation to one side and led by their captain Alistair Hill, went over to console the opposition and commend them on a superb performance.

Any big tournament requires tremendous levels of energy but when a team gets this far, fatigue is rife and grit and determination is without doubt the main reason for success. Our boys showed this in spades and I was so proud of how they dug in and made sure they fulfilled their goal. It was a whole squad effort and there were two boys who had far less game time than the other seven but there was no moaning from them. They understood their role and fulfilled it superbly and maturely whenever they were called upon and they were just as much a part of why we won as the other seven boys were.

It will live long in my memory and I hope it will in theirs too. However, the job is not yet done and now we wait for the nationals. It’s a long wait as it doesn’t take place until 7th May 2019, but what an exciting day it will be.

Below is a link for a further report of the day and a picture of the triumphant squad.

Today is another eagerly awaited event as the whole school ventures on to Carlisle park for house football. If we see the same desire, determination and fight that I witnessed last week, then we are in for a fabulous afternoon. Have a great half term.

Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded to Aarav Tegginamath (3W) For consistently accurate spelling on testing this half term including excellent use of the key words to write extended sentences. Gabriel Gargour Art: For creating some excellent self-initiated artwork at home; Teddy Kirby Art: For effort and achievement with their “Hundertwasser” artwork, 5Ch Luke Nunn Art: For effort and achievement with their “Hundertwasser” artwork, Omer Olcer Art: For effort and achievement with their “Hundertwasser” artwork (All 5Ch) Richard Baker Art: For effort and achievement with their “Hundertwasser” artwork, Joe Perry Art: For effort and achievement with their “Hundertwasser” artwork, Elijah Wilkinson Art: For effort and achievement with their “Hundertwasser” artwork (All 5Ca) Well done to those boys!


Our open Homework Exhibition rounded the half term off very nicely, our word this time was “JOY” and as usual the boys did not disappoint! Here are some photos of just some of the work displayed in the exhibition this afternoon:

Pre-Prep News

This half term has culminated with two educational visits, Reception to Pizza Express and Year 2 to Brooklands Museum, you will read a little more about each below but first we would like to share how delighted we were to receive extremely positive feedback about the children’s manners whilst ‘out and about’ on these trips. Of course, we often talk about politeness during the School day, so it is therefore hugely rewarding for us all when we are stopped in our tracks by members of the public telling us how impressed they have been with the children’s politeness and manners.

The Oxford Dictionary defines politeness as ‘having or showing behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people’.  In essence, it is about treating people with respect and, interestingly, ‘Choose Respect’ is the theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  The week runs from 12 – 16 November and a particular aim of the week is to promote the idea that it is quite possible to disagree with other people, but the important message is to do this respectfully.  Some of you may have read Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss.  Her main point is that we live in ‘an age of lazy moral relativism combined with aggressive social insolence’ and feels that as courtesy sinks below the surface, so abuse has come surging to the fore.  How important, therefore, that we all try our utmost to counter this in the modern age.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents that Late Stay will not take place on Thursday 8 November due to a CPD session that all members of staff at Hampton Pre-Prep and Prep must attend and, therefore, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mr Smith awarded two certificates on Thursday to Harry Sinnett (Year 2) following his weekend at Center Parcs – one for coming first in a geocaching competition and the other for attending the Soccer School.  Very well done, Harry!

The Courtesy Cup and Badge were awarded to Ayman Suliman (Reception) for consistently demonstrating beautiful manners to his teachers and friends. Well done!

In addition, Stars of the Week to:

Year 2: Alfie Linehan for excellent phonics this week.

Year 1: Aizhou Sun for remembering all his capital letters and full stops when writing independently!

Reception: Avyan Alapati for being super helpful at tidy up time – thank you!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in class …

Ahoy there! It has been a swashbuckling week in Kindergarten. The children enjoyed the story Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and are now on the lookout for pirates hiding in pants! We have practised our cutting skills a lot this week – we cut out and assembled pirate hats and pirate cone people. We have made treasure maps and we even attempted using an axis co-ordinate map to plot our treasure on. There was great excitement on Thursday as the children donned their pirate attire to join our pirate parade day. We read pirate stories, found out our pirate name, sang pirate songs and decorated biscuits with yellow icing sugar and sprinkles to make our own individual edible gold coin. At last, the time had come for us to go on our treasure hunt and together, we found fifty coins in our playground and then we found a very large, old and rusty key, we were sure that this key would unlock the treasure chest. After a good deal of brainstorming, we had the idea that as pirates come across lots of sand on their journeys that we should check our outdoors sand area. Low and behold there was a treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins and lollipops. We were overjoyed to find the treasure to take home with us and lucky that no one was made to walk the plank!

Our topic after half term is Fireworks and Diwali. On Wednesday 7th November, we will be making chapattis to celebrate Diwali, if any parents make these at home and would like to come into class to share their expertise and make these with the children please email Mrs Hand.

Well, what a fabulous week in Reception! On Wednesday we all became chefs during our trip to Pizza Express. The children had the chance to squash and squeeze dough, and learnt about the six ingredients used to make it. Then, they carefully spread tomato sauce on their pizza base and topped it with stringy mozzarella cheese. The chef told us where the different ingredients originated from and why a cheese and tomato pizza is named Margherita.  The boys were all so excited to take their pizzas home at the end of the day and we hope you enjoyed them for your tea. Thank you so much to the parent helpers for all your support, and for making these trips possible.  The manager commented on the boys’ excellent behaviour so we were very proud of our Reception class – well done!

We read the story of the Little Red Hen, whose friends were too lazy help her to make pizza. We spoke about how nice it is to say, “yes, of course” when we are asked to help. The children all agreed that they would have helped the Little Red Hen, which was lovely to hear. As part of our science learning about change, we made toast at school. We looked at how the bread changed when we popped it into the toaster, and what happened when the cold butter was spread on the hot toast. The boys were delighted then to choose their favourite toast topping and eat their snack. Have a wonderful half term – well done to all the boys for a fantastic start to the Reception year.

The children have had a super week in Year 1 as they managed to fill their marble jar and complete the best line chart, resulting in two very exciting treats! The children have worked so hard in English to write their own description of Plop the owl from ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’ and acrostic poems about nocturnal animals. In maths, the children have been measuring things accurately to the nearest centimetre. Today we walked to the post box to post something very exciting that we have been working on in our topic lessons…keep an eye out for these next week! On our way back, we looked at all the different houses and identified the types of houses we saw, as well as spotting similarities and differences between them.   Well done Year 1 for a fantastic first half term!

In maths this week, Year 2 have been learning how to multiply and divide, mainly focusing on the 2x tables.

In English, we have been writing descriptions of an animal that we might find underneath the stairs; after half term, we will be writing stories about these.

In science, we did an experiment using flour and oil to find out what the best way of washing hands to get rid of germs and dirt was – warm water and soap was a definite winner!

The highlight of our week was our trip to Brooklands Transport Museum on Wednesday. We had a tour of one of the aircraft hangars, as well as a car shed and a Formula 1 shed where all of the children were able to sit in a real F1 car. After a very quick lunch, we took our tickets and boarded Concorde where we found out lots of interesting facts, including that it flew at twice the speed of sound and that it flew on the edge of space. We also found Mrs Swain’s dad’s seat (10C); this was the seat that he flew in when he made weekly trips to New York. After Concorde, we had another tour, this time the Bus Museum where we were able to sit on the top of an old double decker bus. Finally, we went into the Aircraft factory and learned how different components of aircraft were made. The children were excellent ambassadors for the School throughout the day, being polite and engaged and, furthermore, asked our guides some very interesting questions along the way. As ever, we are grateful to the parent helpers who accompanied us on the trip.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a restful half term break and look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 5 November!

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