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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 11

This Week

Dear Parents,

Miss Wakeling had some excellent and insightful words of wisdom to share with us in assembly on Wednesday morning this week, as she presented to us what ‘integrity’ means to her. She explained that she still very much relies upon – and is always happy to turn to – her own parents whenever she feels she needs some guidance and advice. The implicit message there for our boys of course was “Do listen carefully to your own mums and dads”!

Miss Wakeling then listed out five top tips she has developed over the years which she feels help her to maintain a sense of integrity. I explained to the boys I would share them with you this week in the Bulletin, in the same vein I shared Mrs James’ helpful advice a week or so ago. I asked the boys if they might like to discuss these tips with you and to hear how you, as their parents, might figure out how to put these tips into action. Do please feel you can let me know if any of your sons did this!

Miss Wakeling’s Top Tips for Sustaining and Maintaining a Sense of Integrity:

  1. Be honest with yourself and others. Surround yourself with honest people.
  2. Ask people you trust and believe in for advice if you are unsure.
  3. Keep your word.
  4. Take responsibility.
  5. Respect others’ opinions, ideas and beliefs.

Mr Cantelo and the boys in 4C presented their excellent assembly on ‘integrity’ this morning, acting out in a very authentic way a wonderful story that brought our theme to life. My main take away from their highly entertaining piece was how important it is to be quietly and humbly proud when one’s sense of integrity is recognised, but not to forget how important it is to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

On Thursday Year 3 ventured back in time, and enjoyed an action packed trip to Stonehenge. This was all part of their Humanities topic for this term, which has been the Stone Age. Boys took part in a Neolithic workshop and marvelled at the ancient and mysterious stones. Mrs Tinkler reported to me afterwards the boys had more questions about the world famous monument and its true purpose than they did answers, however the leaders of the workshops at the activity centre were very impressed with our boys’ prior knowledge. There is more work to be done on this for our Year 3 historians, and who knows, perhaps it will be they who finally establish once and for all what brought this now astonishing World Heritage site into being all those thousands of years ago!

I am very much looking forward to seeing numbers of you this evening at the Parents’ Association Festive Drinks Party. It is nearly December after all, so some suitably seasonal good cheer will undoubtedly set us all up for the weeks ahead!

Have a great weekend,

Tim Smith


Sports News

It has been a tough week sports wise due to the weather. Carlisle Park is starting to suffer due to the heavy traffic on it, day in day out and the persistent rain is not helping. With other schools obviously having the same problem it has led to all matches so far this week being cancelled.

This was a real shame for the Year 6 boys who were due to play their last ever football match for the school in a Colts fixture versus Bishopsgate. I hope the boys will all be able to look back on their time here at Hampton Prep in relation to football, with affection. I played football up until the age of eleven, rugby was my real love and so when I went to secondary school I stopped playing football. However, I still have very clear memories of playing and of specific matches.  I regret not carrying on, but the memories I have are all very positive and I am very grateful I had the experiences that I did. Therefore, I hope our boys are able to say the same in 25 years, if this is the last time they play.

They have certainly all embraced the season and each and every games session or match. It is only natural that for some the football season is not one they relish. However, regardless of the boy’s affection or lack of for the game, when they work together and do well you can see the enjoyment on their faces. This is the real victory, not the score line at the end of the game.

There are so many hidden gains to be made through participating in sport. Learning the values of team work and determination are two that once acquired will go a long way to ensure that an individual is successful in life and someone who is able to positively contribute to society. Therefore, hopefully we have started them on this journey to success.

It is looking more hopeful for today’s fixtures where both the U9s and U8s are competing against Bishopsgate and in the case of the U8s against Claremont also. In contrast to the Year 6 boys we are at the beginning of the journey with the U8s. There is no doubt there has been tremendous progress made with these chaps and they all now seem like very firm fixtures in and around the school and out on the sports field.

They progress so quickly at this age and so a special mention must go to Mr Wales, Mr Cantelo and Mr Hole who have consistently worked with these boys, which I know from experience is not always the easiest of tasks. The amount that the boys have had to take in and process since September has been immense. For some this can be quite overwhelming and it is often in less structured scenarios, such as in a game’s session, that emotions can overcome the boys. Therefore, thank you and well done to the staff that have worked so hard and done such a tremendous job to develop both their football skills and their understanding of the values that we are trying to promote.

Next week we will start rugby training for all the boys and so as I mentioned in last weeks bulletin please can all the boys bring in their rugby kit and track suit as of Monday. As I have already alluded to and as you have no doubt experienced over the past few weeks, the field is very boggy. Therefore, we have a system whereby the boys do not wear their tracksuits during games lessons but put these on after. This is so they do not get mud all around the school or all over your cars. Therefore, please ensure that both the top and the trousers are packed in their bag.

If you feel that your son needs more layers on in colder weather, then please provide them with dark coloured base layers. This should mean they are more than warm enough during the session and they can save their clean track suit for the journey home.

If you have any further questions regarding this please get in contact. Finally, please remember all boys in Years 4-6 must have a mouth guard by the start of term in January at the latest.

Have a great weekend.





Prep News

In assembly this week Headmaster’s Commendations were awarded to Joseph Beim, Ben Fulford, Joshua Hill, Ayaan Jadoon, Alfie Linehan, Thomas Usher and Edward White For completing their FIRST Reach for the Stars voyage demonstrating continued effort and progress in reading and spelling. Sebastian Wright For creating a fantastic landscape based on the harbour from Varjak Paw; Ben Deedman For creating an imaginative landscape of the dump from Varjak Paw; Fred Owen For creating a brilliantly creative landscape out of Lego to depict the harbour scene in Varjak Paw; Archie Skinner For creating a brilliantly realistic and detailed landscape of the alleyway in Varjak Paw Outlaw; Sebastian Baker For his dazzling landscape model based on the Contessa’s house from Varjak Paw Outlaw; Lucas Woods For a brilliantly creative and detailed 3D landscape of the Contessa’s House from Varjak Paw Outlaw; Will Meehan For creating a fantastic urban landscape based on the alleyway in Varjak Paw Outlaw. Well done to those boys!


The boys in Year 3 had a fantastic trip to Stonehenge on Thursday this week, the weather was on their side and they managed to capture some brilliant pictures on the day:

Pre-Prep News

It is hard to believe this is the penultimate bulletin of the term – where has the time gone? I do hope you received my letter detailing events over the next two weeks; it is going to be a very busy time ahead with considerable changes to the normal routine.  If you did not get a copy of the letter, then please do get in contact with the School Office.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Christmas Productions next week.  A quick reminder:  Reception, Years 1 and 2 will be performing on Wednesday 4 December in the James Hall at 2.30pm and then it will be the turn of Kindergarten; their nativity takes place at 11.15am and will be performed in their classroom.

The Book Swap, organised here in Pre-Prep last week by Mrs Timba and the School Council, was a huge success – though I gather some favourites may have made it back onto your bookcases at home!  A grand total of £80 was raised for Save the Children and, as already mentioned, this will now go to Theo in Year 5 (at this point, I must offer my most sincere apology to Theo, as last week I wrote he was in Year 4 – sorry Theo!); his arrangement with GSK means the money raised will be doubled making it in fact £160.  I am so delighted with the way the children (and parents) embrace our fundraising efforts.  Over the last week alone, £275 has been raised for two very important charities both with children very much at the heart of them – Children in Need and Save the Children.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

I failed to mention last week how fantastic I thought the HPPPA Holistic Parent Talk, ‘Resilience and Social Media: Top Tips for Parents’ by Dr Kathy Weston was – I am sure those present will agree that it was superb and gave much food for thought. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Dr Kathy Weston’s website for tips on all manner of subjects – last night, I listened to a very interesting podcast with Dr Weston conducting an interview with a Behaviour Optometrist, exploring the invaluable support they offer to support children with their vision, alongside their learning and development.

Today, the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Alfie (Year 1) for his exceptional manners when travelling to and from the swimming pool this week.


and Stars of the Week to:

Year 2: Emin for working carefully and thoughtfully on his art work this week!

Year 1: Max for being extra polite to his friends and teachers.

Reception: Harry for working so hard in mathematics, learning to tell the time o’clock.

Well done to Harry in Reception, he has been awarded a swimming Level 1 certificate. In Year 2, Mylo has been awarded with his green shoe lace from Chiswick Rugby Club for demonstrating the core TREDS values (teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship). He now gets to wear his green lace on his rugby boots for the rest of the season for everyone to admire! Rishi in Year 2 completed his violin Prep Test this week and shared with us the fantastic comments from his examiner! Also in Year 2, Yusuf was awarded the Judo trophy this week for good listening in his sessions and for following the moves accurately. Great job, boys!

Here’s what we’ve been up to in class …


It was an exciting start to the week with a full-dress rehearsal of our Christmas play that was performed in front of not only the camera man who filmed it but all the children and teachers in Prep-Prep as well. The children were brilliant and it was lovely to see them enjoying performing in front of an audience.  We are looking forward to the grand finale of ‘Nursery Rhyme Nativity’ on Friday 6th December!

In Mathematics we have been looking at 3D shapes and learning the correct mathematical language to describe the shape. We noticed how they are very similar to the 2D shapes but instead of being ‘flat’ they are ‘fat’. We have also been using positional language. Using a bear and a box we positioned and described if they bear was ‘in front’, ‘behind’, ‘on top’, ‘under’ or next to the box.

We have been practising our pencil grip and control when tracing over the gingerbread man patterns and writing our names. We are trying very hard at remembering to hold the pencil between our thumb and two fingers. We had fun using or thumbs and paint to print reindeers for our Christmas cards, we then used a black pen to draw their faces and antlers. Finally, the glitter was sprinkled to create the famous shiny red nose!

As the weather becomes colder the children are practising putting their own coats on independently and are now trying to do their own zips up. Well- done! Please may all hats, gloves and scarves be clearly named.

Our topic next week is Christmas!

This week in Reception we have been thinking about Christmas trees.  We read the story of The Little Christmas Tree and the children wrote about their favourite part of the story.  In our phonics sessions this week we have been learning about digraphs – two letters that make one sound.  We have focused on sh, ch and th this week, and had fun sorting objects into three hoops, listening for the initial sounds.  In Mathematics we have been learning to tell the time.  We concentrated on ‘o’ clock and the boys had opportunities to read and record the time. We were very pleased with the way the boys approached this task and we are sure they will impress you with their clock knowledge this weekend. The Reception class elves have been busy in Reception working at our Santa’s workshop, they have been building and wrapping the presents. They have also enjoyed writing letters at our Christmas Post Office and sorting by size, shape and colour at the Christmas tuff spot.

Year 1 have continued their work on poetry in English this week, listening to, and then composing their own poems. They wrote beautiful winter poetry all about Snowflakes and later in the week wrote a repetitive poem all about Batman!

In maths, we continued our work on sharing, equally dividing shapes into two pieces. We also began to problem solve using sharing.

Thank you for sending in pictures of your pets. The children enjoyed looking at the variety of pets we have in our class and we learnt about the different ways we care for our pets to keep them happy and healthy. We then designed a poster informing people the best way to look after our chosen pet.

This week Year 2 have been thinking all about instructions in English. The children helped to make Mama Panya’s Pancakes and then wrote the instructions for them. The boys worked really hard to include all of the features of instructions such as a title, numbers, imperative (bossy) verbs and adverbs. It was impressive to see how many of the boys tried the chilli flakes with their pancakes! Next week we will be writing non-chronological reports on African animals.

In maths we have been counting in 10s, multiplying and dividing by 10 and also thinking about ½ and ¼ of a shape. We tackled some multiplication and division word problems together, as we are still finding these a challenge! Any extra practise at home would be super. We will continue our work on fractions next week, by finding fractions of numbers and comparing fractions. We will also be thinking about telling the time to quarter past and quarter to.

The boys really enjoyed our science experiment this week, which was finding out which materials were waterproof! We have been adding to our Kenyan lap books, practising touch typing, painting beautiful Christmas trees and practising for the Christmas show – we can’t believe it’s next week!

Have a great weekend!

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