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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 22

This Week

Dear Parents,

This is quite possibly the most unexpected end to any term I have ever experienced, and I imagine you and your families are feeling the same way. After our first full week of virtual learning at our School I would like to thank you all personally, for your forbearance at this unprecedented time, your kind messages that we have gratefully received this week and of course your excellent educational support skills, which I suspect you may not have realised you had hidden deep inside you!

This week at both the Pre-Prep & Prep has seen us, as teachers, having to rapidly adopt and adapt to a new model of teaching and learning. It will be important therefore that we, as a School, take some time over the next three weeks to reflect upon the way this week has operated. It is of course only right that we also spend a good deal of time during the Easter break refining our developing approach to our online/virtual teaching and learning provision, ahead of the beginning of the summer term. As soon as I am in a position to update you all on that, I will.

We would have liked to send home to you today a paper copy of ROAR!, our termly school news magazine. Current circumstances mean we will have to get those paper copies to you at a later date, but I did not want you to miss out on seeing it. The School will be sending you a separate email this afternoon with a .PDF copy of ROAR! attached. If you have trouble viewing it in your browser, downloading and saving it to your device seems to do the trick. I hope you enjoy reading it!

With personal plans having to be changed and all manner of family events, activities and excursions having to be postponed or cancelled, for all of us this Easter holiday period will doubtless be quite different from what we had originally envisaged. Now, more than ever, I am sure you will be aiming to stay safe and to look after all those who are near and dear to you, as best you can. Going forward, communicating with one another will be more important than ever. I, personally, will be very happy to hear from you as the coming weeks pass; do please keep in touch.

I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy Easter holiday,


Tim Smith


Pre-Prep News

Dear Parents,

Well, this has definitely not been the end of term we were all expecting a few weeks ago – instead it’s been a strange and very different situation that we have found ourselves in. It has been so lovely keeping in touch with you via email this week – in fact, I have to say the email messages received thus far have been helping to keep me cheerful and positive this week, so a very big THANK YOU to you all for doing so.

Similarly from the messages and feedback that I have seen going between you and the staff show just how busy and purposeful the children have been when working on the tasks sent home this week; this makes me feel very proud of each and every one of them.  The children at Hampton Pre-Prep never fail to impress me with their resilience and determination, and just simply the way they get on with whatever life throws at them.

After the Easter break, we will be sending out timetables for each year group (Kindergarten to Year 2). Please note these will only be suggested timetables as we are acutely aware that you must do what works best for your family and your particular circumstances as you combine your own working lives with home learning.  I know from my own experiences this week how difficult this can  be. Only my cat, Hamish, seems to be the only one in our household who thinks this arrangement is rather good! I know that given time we will all settle into a good routine. Routine is what we all like, adults and children alike, so if you can establish a routine after the break, I think this will have many benefits.

I shall be in touch again very soon but, in the meantime, please do keep safe and well – you are all in my thoughts.  Finally, please do try and take a break and enjoy Easter as best you can.

With very best wishes,

Imogen Murphy 

Head of Pre-Prep

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