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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 28

This Week

Dear Parents,

Mr Ford continued with our assembly theme of ‘heroes’ this week, and talked this morning about David Beckham’s various trials and tribulations over the years, as he was widely seen by many to shift from ‘hero’ to ‘zero’ and back again at a particular point in his career. Drawing from lessons that Mr Ford believes Mr Beckham has probably learnt, he emphasised how important it is for us all to remain true to ourselves, especially when we feel the going is getting tough! Mr Ford recited for us all a well-known (but difficult to attribute) poem ‘If the Man in the Mirror…’. If you are looking for something extra for your children to do over the weekend, perhaps they might like to look the poem up with you, read it aloud and consider what it might mean for them on an individual level?

Our colleagues, under the careful guidance of Mrs Tinkler, have been working to keep the House system thriving as best we can under lockdown. The first House Competition took place at the end of last half term, when all pupils were encouraged to dress in House colours in the wildest, weirdest and wackiest ways! We received a huge number of photos of our boys and girls from across the Pre-Prep & Prep as so many pupils embraced the challenge. Lancaster have narrowly beaten the other Houses to win this competition and they receive a much-coveted house disc, as a result of the sheer volume of their entries. Please click on this link to see a selection of entrants from all Houses:


I must conclude the Bulletin this week by acknowledging how wonderful it has been to see – and spend time with – some of our pupil cohorts who were able to return to school this week, bringing our buildings very much back to life! I wandered over to the Pre-Prep on Wednesday and from an appropriately safe social distance observed the Reception and Year 1 pupils after they had arrived on site. For the remainder of this week I have been working alongside colleagues at the Prep supervising a “bubble” of Year 6 boys, and safely observing the Kindergarten pupils through windows when I can.

What a great joy this has been! I have been so impressed with how the Year 6 boys have managed to get on with their programme of Guided Home Learning, despite the interruptions from me for us to chat and generally catch up with one another about all manner of amusing and sometimes ridiculous matters. It has been so wonderful to see the boys working in such a mature and independently minded fashion, and to enjoy being in their company once more.


Stay safe and well,


Tim Smith


Pre-Prep News

What a journey we have all been on so far, and there remains some distance for us all on this journey yet it seems.  It has been wonderful to see our children from Kindergarten, Reception and Year 1 back at school this week – some have returned to a completely new classroom location (and site) as well as to new and different routines to help keep everyone safe and sound. As you would expect, our Hampton Pre-Prep children have taken this all in their stride – very well done to all!  This feels like a milestone of sorts to us here and makes us wonder when it will be possible for us all to be back together.  On this note, I must stress that those not yet back on-site are very much in the forefront of our minds.  We are excited to get MS Teams up and running for all pupils in Pre-Prep for the second half of this term.  It goes without saying we are very much looking forward to ‘seeing’ everyone, albeit virtually, very soon.

A gentle reminder to all that we are trying to keep personal belongings on-site to a minimum but have noticed that some children are bringing a huge snack with them each day along with several bags.  A smaller, healthy snack would be much appreciated.  The children are not getting through everything you are providing and, during ‘normal’ times, would only have a few pieces of either fruit or vegetables.  By the same token, no chocolate please!  You will have noticed that we are not sending reading books home – again, it is a requirement that we limit materials going back and forth between home and school.  Your co-operation is much appreciated.

We were absolutely thrilled with the response to the House Colours Competition at the end of last half term and enjoyed seeing the many and varied creative, colourful  outfits.  Red (Lancaster) came first with 38 entrants, Blue (Tudor) and Green (York) joint second with 36 submissions and  fourth Yellow (Windsor) with 29.  Mrs Henderson has been busily putting together a lovely video for you all to enjoy the colourful outfits from a selection of pupils in Pre-Prep and Prep – do take a look by following the link on Mr Smith’s page, or view the video on the School’s Twitter account.

To follow up on some requests for our suggestions regarding reward charts at home, Miss Page, our Year 2 Class Teacher, has very kindly put together the following ideas which we hope you will find helpful.

  • Create a sticker system. Firstly, explain carefully to your child what they need to do in order to earn stickers. Set goals so that s/he knows what they’re working towards. For example, when they collect 5 stickers, they are rewarded with X. When they collect 10 stickers, they are rewarded with Y. And so on.
  • Choose a word and create small tiles with each letter on that spell out the word. Your child could earn the letters to spell out their chosen word, and when they have collected the letters to spell the whole word, they are rewarded.
  • Set up a jar to be filled. Typically, this is done with marbles, but you could fill it with anything you have to hand in your home (perhaps beads, Lego, dried pasta pieces). Much like the other ideas, your child would be rewarded for displaying positive behaviour and gradually the jar would fill up. Together decide what the reward will be when the jar is full.

The last Puzzle of the Week had some amazing entrants; it was so exciting to see how many alternative words collectively the children found for the word ‘said’… of course, the next challenge for all will be to utilise these in their writing.  Special mention must go Ayansh in Reception who found 65 words and Arav in Year 1 who found 100 alternatives.


Stars of the Week went to:

Year 2: Krishi for writing an excellent opening for our key text this week. Keep up the great work!

Year 1: Aubin for his outstanding effort with his work, particularly in English and Humanities.

Reception: Rayan for his fantastic writing and drawing about the story ‘Stanley’s stick’.


Have a super weekend!

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