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Headmaster’s Bulletin – Edition 30

This Week

Dear Parents,

Being able to share in the joy children experience when they let their imaginations run riot is one of the greatest pleasures for any of us lucky enough to work in schools. This week I have had to ration myself to a limited daily dose of watching some truly hilarious and inspiring videos of wonderful work the boys submitted as part of a technology challenge set by Mr Salt. The boys’ work is truly beguiling.

Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist and inventor who is famous for drawing beautifully intricate pictures of maddeningly overworked – almost to the point of being pretentious – machines. Our boys were asked to look at his work, be inspired by it and make up some crazy contraptions of their own. If you are able to check out our Twitter feed we posted a selection of the boys’ efforts today. It has been brilliant to see engineering, building and scientific knowledge all coming together. I wish I could share them all with you as they really are wonderful and the boys clearly loved letting their ideas rip!

As part of the Year 6 Leavers’ Programme, Mrs Tinkler has been collaborating with colleagues at Hampton School this week. Today, the Year 6 boys completed the first part of a two stage ‘Arts enrichment Project’, based upon work completed by older boys at Hampton School. The Year 6 boys looked at a whole host of proposals the boys in the Senior School were required to come up with as part of their Arts Enrichment programme across a wide range of domains including music, fine art, film and creative writing. They then scrutinised the actual work that arose out of those proposals. Our boys have now chosen a selection of those arts-based proposals and they will come up with their own responses next week. I am looking forward to being bowled over once more by the amazing work I can envisage our boys completing.

As the government’s position continues to develop regarding which pupils can be safely accommodated back on school sites in England, so too does our response to that here. We will be delighted to see a good number of Year 5 boys back in classrooms, running about outside and generally being their usual excellent selves next week. I am told they are rather looking forward to returning themselves!

Stay safe and well,

Tim Smith


Pre-Prep News

Mrs Timba treated us to a very informative and fascinating assembly inspired by her heroine Frida  Kahlo.  Having faced great adversity, firstly contracting polio aged six and then later overcoming horrific injuries following a bus accident, Frida certainly possessed character traits to be admired by virtue of her tenacity and strength to overcome what life had thrown her way. How lovely that painting became her solace and, in her own words, ‘completed her life’.

Resilience is often a topic of discussion here in school, deciding how best to support the children to develop this important quality.  We want our children to be able to bounce back from stressful situations, face adversity, challenges or times of failure head on and, at the more extreme end of the spectrum, possess the ability to overcome trauma just like Frida – in other words, avoid giving up when the going gets tough.  Let’s face it, life doesn’t happen in one smooth continuum (if only!) and we all need to be able to fall back on our reserves.  Childhood is the time to start growing this vital skill and, added to this, resilient children are far more likely to take healthy risks because they don’t fear falling short of expectations.

How interesting to read the children’s responses to this week’s Puzzle of the Week. There were some delightful answers to the question, ‘what would you do if you were invisible?’ and ‘why?’  Similarly, it was fascinated to hear that the vast majority would far rather venture into space than live underwater.  Clearly, we have budding astronauts in our midst whose understanding of the solar system is second to none!

‘Shout Outs’ this week go to Thomas (Year 1) who became a World Record Breaker on Thursday 21 May when he took part on the largest ever online art lesson with Rob Biddulph.  Many congratulations, Thomas!

Stars of the Week went to:

Year 2: Mylo for thinking of threee fantastic possible endings to the key text this week. Keep up the great work!

Year 1: Sam for a thorough and extremely well-presented research project on the planet Saturn.

Reception: Zachary for his fantastic consistently neat cursive writing this term, in all his work. Well done!

Details about our ‘Animal Antics’ Virtual Sports Day were shared earlier this week – we do hope that plenty of you get involved.  Just in case you haven’t seen what it is all about, do take a look at the link below.  There are eight events in total for your child (and possibly other members of your household) to complete at home.

Animal Antics Virtual Sports Day

Enjoy the weekend – don’t forget it is Father’s Day this Sunday!

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