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The Bulletin – Edition 3


Encouraging the boys to make the most of the challenging work we put before them is a matter we consider almost every moment of every day at our School. Mr Barber and Mr Salt were in close alignment this week, as their assemblies both more or less explored the same aspect of how best to respond to the challenges we face along life’s journey. Mr Salt, with the able assistance of Ruark McDonald in Year 5, illustrated what a great difference to outcomes in matches that practising certain sporting skills again and again until they become almost automatic can make. Mr Barber shared how long it takes to form a positive, life changing habit. He emphasised how doing so could help us to face either a specific challenge or perhaps any number of challenges both at school and at home. The importance of both time and effort were the key dimensions the boys were inspired to consider by both gentlemen’s assemblies. In my assembly this week I stepped the boys through a challenge I had faced over the summer and how Mrs James came to my assistance with her excellent, habitually searching thinking, to help me out and solve my dilemma not just for me, but with me. Do ask your sons if they can recall the difference between “The Grape” and “The Garbo”, as I explained it to them on Monday…!


Friendship Champion Scheme:

At our School we rely on each other and we believe it is terribly important to foster this notion of mutual support across both the Pre-Prep & Prep by applying it in practical ways. To that end, on Wednesday morning in the Prep in her assembly aimed primarily at boys in Year 6, it was exciting for us all to see Mrs Mills launch her brand new ‘Friendship Champion Scheme’! The Year 6 Friendship Champions will make things happen: they will organise, communicate and get involved in activities at breaks and lunch times, by supporting boys in the younger years at the Prep to develop good friendships with each other. Specific tasks will include:


  • Being role models for other boys across the school
  • Leading others in a range of games and activities
  • The Friendship Champions will (in small groups) deliver a presentation on the importance of friendships to Years 3, 4, and 5
  • The Friendship Champions will be ‘on duty’ on the playground in small groups on different days and they may help to give out and monitor play equipment


We hope in time to extend the scheme to the Pre-Prep too. The Year 6 Friendship Champions will learn the essential skills of leadership. Communication, organisation and motivation will be key and naturally one of the aims of the scheme is for the Year 6 boys to grow in confidence and self-belief. Can we please ask parents of boys in Year 6 now to discuss the scheme at home this weekend and speak to Mrs Mills as soon as possible? Places are not limited to any set number of boys in Year 6 and of course, this will be a terrific aspect of school leadership in action for the Year 6 boys to raise when not only speaking to staff at senior schools this year, but also when they reach Year 7 in a year’s time!


School Council:

Some may ask why we need a School Council at Hampton Prep? Amongst the many Articles set out within the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Article 12 states that children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions considered. Mrs Lutz oversees our School Council, which is as serious a role for her as it is for the boys elected by their peers to be Councillors. The pupils who put themselves forward understand the role they will undertake if elected. In this role they aim to help develop and improve areas within the school and school day they feel could work better. Any School Council ought to provide meaningful ways in which pupils can voice their own opinions and have their own views considered in decisions which impact upon them. Our School Council is a forum therefore for our pupils to have their say, and to be heard by us all in a more formalised context. Since a School Council is a formal group within a school, with pupils elected by their peers to represent them and their views, an extra piece of prep was set for everyone recently.  Pupils were asked to write a manifesto and then make a presentation to their class during our Life Skills sessions last Thursday. The names of those boys willing to be a representative for their class were forwarded to Mrs Lutz, who in turn produced a voting slip to be used the next day. The manifestoes were all very encouraging with many interesting ideas, aims and declarations. Voting took place on Friday morning during Form Time and votes were then counted. You will see below who will take office on the School Council this year. School Council will meet every fortnight to discuss events and changes and will feedback to the classes with any news from the meetings.


3H Edward Joliffe

3L Nico Liebster

4M Xander Lindsay

4W Joseph Beim

5B Aaron Drishti

5J Kailan Yathaven

6B Jasper Miles and Arin Patel

6S George Moria and Alfie Keller


News from Mr Salt, Head of Games:

Why do we value sportsmanship at Hampton Prep so much? I had the pleasure of refereeing an outstanding Year 5 football game on Wednesday. Every participant was extremely competitive and their desire to win was evident. The play was from end to end, with the ball crashing off posts and keepers pulling off great saves, and it was all played in an excellent spirit. The boys ruefully smiled at their own mistakes and congratulated the opposition on their fine skills. The teams laughed and joked with each other and took great pleasure in the tension of a close, hard fought game. Why does this spirit matter? Apart from the fact that we like to see the boys having fun, we as teachers want the boys to adopt attitudes in sport that will resonate through their wider lives. By respecting the rules, engaging with competitors, valuing competing as much as winning, and valuing intrinsic rewards as much as extrinsic, we hope our boys will eventually go out into society and, as well as achieving for themselves, contribute to society helping those around them and relishing the opportunities and challenges life shall give them. By fostering this attitude, we also hope our boys shall gain a wider and more nuanced understanding of what success is, and therefore be better able to recognise and reflect on the many opportunities there are to learn and grow in life. This is why, in short, we value the nature and quality of competitive sports so much here.




A word from Mrs Murphy:


Miss Maynard has very kindly taken over the reins co-ordinating Pre-Prep’s involvement in School Council this year.  School Council, of course, provides an important forum encouraging the pupil body here to contribute their ideas and suggestions to enhance school life. Our School Council is also pivotal in organising fund raising projects for those less fortunate. To this end, a local, national and international charity are chosen by School Council for us to support through the entire year – the children sitting on council organise all fund raising efforts.  Two children from each class, from Reception upwards, are elected by their peers to sit on the council for one term.  There is no doubt sitting on School Council hones essential life skills and we are delighted to announce the following children have been elected for the term ahead:  Reception: Anush and Rubah; Year 1: Zachary and Henry; and Year 2:  Fin and Arith.




This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Rory (Reception) for his beautiful manners and helpful ways in the classroom.  Very well done!


Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2

 Felix for writing a fantastic opening to Quentin Blake’s ‘Clown’ picture book.

Year 1

 Harry for working so hard in everything he does. Harry always tries his best.


 Max for working so hard to learn his sight words and sounds.


Many congratulations to Max for learning 100 Chinese characters – very well done!


In the classrooms


Kindergarten have been learning about the story of the Little Red Hen. We read different versions, noticing different farm animal characters in each. One thing was the same, however, none of the animals offered their help to the Little Red Hen! We talked about how they should have been kind and helpful, which of course is one of our Golden Rules.

We have been learning all about bread this week, from field to bakery.  That is, the farmer sowing seeds to grow wheat, before this is harvested and taken to be milled into flour.  We looked very closely at some real wheat and then had a go at baking our own bread rolls.  Unlike the animals in the stories, we were all extremely helpful, carefully weighing the flour as well as all the other ingredients. We added a magic ingredient called yeast and watched the dough grow.  Having shaped the dough into rolls, we popped them into the oven and then waited patiently for our bread to bake.  It was most definitely worth the wait – it was delicious!

We also read a story about a scarecrow called, ‘Tattybogle’, who had a very important job scaring crows in the field to stop them from eating the corn. We collaged our own scarecrows but added a photograph of our face to finish them off! The role play area has seen some busy shopping action this week as a green grocers – what great fun has been had busily shopping for fruit and vegetables.

Our topic next week is The Enormous Turnip.



This week in Reception we have been learning about our bodies. We have talked about what different parts of our body can do and have thought about our favourite ways to exercise. We have made skeletons using different pasta shapes and used our ICT skills to take photographs of our friends’ work using the digital camera. Reception enjoyed a visit from the school nurse, who taught us how important it is to wash our hands to remove germs. Using her glitter germ cream and light box we checked our hands were completely clean and enjoyed hearing the ‘Super Soap’ song too!

In mathematics, we have been ordering numbers, and looking for one more and one less. We enjoyed helping the mischievous monkey at the zoo by adding one more animal into their cages on the interactive whiteboard. In our phonics sessions, we have continued developing our blending skills, as well as learning the correct formation of letters /c/, /k/, /e/ and /h/. We’ve been forming these in salt using our fingers and paintbrushes! We also played a fun interactive whiteboard game blending CVC sounds to make words. Sounding out CVC words is a great way to continue developing this skill at home.

Next week, we’ll be moving on to the topic Fruit and Vegetables.



We have had a brilliant week in Year 1! On Thursday, we enjoyed an Autumn Walk in Carlisle Park, collecting lots of autumnal woodland treasures for a display in our classroom. We also were excited to be Detectives looking for signs of Autumn and nature within the park.  We listened carefully to an autumn story before heading back to school. The boys all walked so smartly on our first outing and listened very well – well done Year 1!

In English this week, we have focused our learning on Antoinette Portis’, Not a Stick. We have sequenced the story and imagined what we would do with a stick – there were some very creative suggestions, from surf boards, to mixing spoons, to magic sticks that make you invisible! We have been concentrating on remembering capital letters at the beginning of sentences and full stops at the end.
During maths, we have continued to focus on 2D shapes, consolidating our knowledge of their properties (name, sides and corners). The children sorted a range of 2D shapes into different groups, and had a go at drawing some of them, using a ruler. We also had an exciting shape hunt around the school, using the tally method to record our findings. Next week, we will be securing our knowledge of number bonds within 10, recalling the addition and subtraction facts for numbers from 0-10, and working on doubles.
The boys have been working extremely hard since returning to school and have collected all their marbles in their jar! They have voted to have ‘TV time and treat’ as their reward and on Thursday they enjoyed watching an episode of Peter Rabbit, noticing the different woodland animals they have been talking about in topic lessons, whilst enjoying a small sweet treat. We are so proud of them all!



Year 2 have been learning about 2D shapes this week in maths. The children have named shapes, described their properties including any vertical lines of symmetry, sorted them into groups and even had a go at drawing them! Next week, we will be practising our addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to 100.
Our phonics focus for the week has been the /igh/ sound but spelt using the graphemes ‘i-e’, ‘y’ and ‘igh’. Yesterday the boys wrote fantastic openings for the book ‘Clown’ by Quentin Blake. We spent some time looking closely at the pictures and used these clues to help us think of creative ideas about who the characters were and why events were happening.
On Tuesday, we completed an exciting experiment in science. We spoke about forces and the word ‘friction’ was introduced to the boys. As a class, we tested rolling cars down ramps covered in different materials. We timed how long the cars took to roll down the ramp and used these results to make conclusions about whether friction slows moving objects down or speeds them up.
This afternoon, the boys have designed their own circus villages using a map and a key. They were fantastic!


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