The Bulletin – Edition 14

I have been reading a little – online across various social media platforms but also in the printed press at the weekends – about the ways in which enforced lockdowns have an impact upon the rhythm of our lives, in ways we could never have predicted before experiencing them. Despite the demands that your energetic, excellent children are having on home life for you all, I wonder if any parents have found that the pace of life right now is, if not exactly slower, but much more measured somehow? With no evening meetings or events to attend in person during the week, and no concerts or plays or very jolly parties at friends’ houses to enjoy, no cinemas to visit, no live sports matches to be thrilled by, I think we are all having to make changes to how we fill whatever leisure time we have. In some respects, (again, I wonder if parents are experiencing this too?) not having to rush about the place is proving to be rather refreshing, I find! I am hoping that some of the positive ways in which I have been able to accept and adjust to operating within a different rhythm will remain with me once this lock-down is over. I am trying to embrace the time I have to think, read, cook, potter about in the garden (chilly but rewarding) and I hope you are able to experience something positive arising out of our current circumstances too, whatever that may be.

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Tim Smith Headmaster