The Bulletin – Edition 15

I am always hugely indebted to my colleagues here in both the school administration and academic teams for the usually very cheerful and upbeat ways in which they aim to support not only me, but more importantly each other and of course your children. However, Mrs Murphy and I felt compelled to press ‘pause’ on the positive approach we know is critical to the successful day-to-day running of both the Pre-Prep & Prep this week, for a moment or two at least, as she and I reflected upon the arresting news that the death toll from this awful virus topped 100,000 souls. One thing is for sure, we must keep supporting our loved ones to stay safe, as well as do the best we can to keep ourselves safe too. I have no doubt you and your families paused to consider where we are right now, and what lies ahead for us all. Please come to us if ever you feel we can assist further with responses or advice for you regarding how best to address any questions your children may be asking.

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Tim Smith Headmaster