The Bulletin – Edition 18

I do hope all families enjoyed some non-school focussed time together over the half term break? I have to say, the half term break for my colleagues and me here at the Prep began in an incredibly positive manner, as we received the thoughtfully put together vote of thanks which came from the boys and parents, courtesy of some help and inspiration from the School Council and Parent Reps. Joseph Beim in Year 4 was the main instigator of this very kind gesture, and as a result of his single-minded determination, he and the other School Council reps managed to draw together some very moving words and kind comments which we were very happy to read. It made a big difference to all of us, knowing that boys understood how much we care. Believe it or not, they sometimes even tell us this in person when we are all together under normal circumstances! To have it communicated so vividly through the School Council however, really meant a great deal.

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Tim Smith Headmaster