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The Bulletin – Edition 22

“This is a school, not a restaurant, so we don’t just come here to eat our lunch!” is, and will always be (says he, immodestly) one of my best jokes. I expect the boys might be sick of it because not only do I have very few jokes to tell, I re-tell this one often, and one of those occasions was at our beginning of term assembly in the Prep on Wednesday morning.


I tweeted some images of the boys’ cheerful faces and apparent joy at being back at school on Wednesday, as well as some of the ‘e’ words I had hoped they would come up with in assembly that morning, to represent the term ahead. Education, arguably the most important word beginning with ‘e’ that any school should focus on (!) is naturally all about outcomes, but I believe this should be in the broadest sense of the word. I was wondering if the boys would nonetheless be thinking about our summer term exams, due to take place just before half term. I need not have worried; they were not. Instead they offered effort, enthusiasm, energetic and exciting as the words we should all be considering, as we dive into our work and play this term. I could not agree more!

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