Autumn Term Open Morning Saturday 1 October 2022. Parents and children welcome. Please book your space


The Bulletin – Edition 23

I continue to enjoy meeting with parents to talk about their children, and how they are getting on here. We have a particular focus on meeting parents of boys in Year 5 this term, as they consider and prepare for the rigours of Year 6 and the next school entrance exam process. I was especially delighted to veer off in all sorts of, at the time, unexpected directions when I met with the mother of one Year 5 boy on Tuesday this week. With her son’s effort and progress here in lessons and preps as the spur, we then both quite swiftly found ourselves discussing what the real purpose of any excellent education is. We got onto talking about how society considers the importance of facts and knowledge, compared to how society should consider and value the lifelong development of the so-called non-standardised skills in every citizen. It was fascinating and weighty stuff! I greatly enjoy talking about the boys and girls here with all parents; it is one of the significant privileges of my role. A reminder from me now – if indeed it is needed – for you please to come to any of us whilst your children are pupils here to talk about matters of the moment or indeed any other aspects of their education going forward. When we all get going talking about your children it is sometimes difficult to stop!

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Tim Smith Headmaster