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The Bulletin – Edition 26

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, and for those of you who follow us on Twitter we posted a number of Tweets in support of this national endeavour. Mrs Halford, Joint Head of First Year at Hampton School, led our assembly on Monday and introduced us all to one or two ways in which she felt we might like to take care of our mental health; something simple as spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the natural world was chief amongst them. Mrs Halford asked the boys to consider small ways they can include nature in their daily routines. Having breakfast in front of the window, listening to birdsong in the evenings, taking some photographs or even camping in their back gardens! In their Forms the boys considered activities they could do together and then throughout the week they have been giving them a try. Mrs Lutz’s ‘sticks and stones homemade hopscotch’ was a hit with the boys in 3L for example, as was a ‘mindful nature walk’ for boys in Year 5. The Hampton Trust are sending some wildflower seeds home for everyone in the Prep-Prep & Prep today, as a way for us all to use our green fingers and reconnect with nature. We hope all these small acts will encourage collective heightened awareness of the importance of attending to our mental health, and encourage conversations at home focussing on how connecting with nature makes us feel.

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Tim Smith Headmaster