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The Bulletin – Edition 10

Many thanks to you as parents of boys in the Prep for your forbearance, as today we conclude the first week of temporary changes to our usual routine here. We have one more week planned of operating with changes to our usual routine, and as ever, once I have anything I can meaningfully update you with regarding how and when we return to a completely normal operation I shall do so.


I am especially proud of the boys in the Prep, as I mentioned in my email to you all on Wednesday this week. Adjusting to changes in the way our excellent lessons are being taught has taken some energy and has required some further attention to detail from them. They are such a cheerful and willing lot, as you know, and they have all got on with it so well!


I am very glad to be working with such excellent teaching and support colleagues too. Thank you very much for the kind messages of support and the cheerful observations parents have shared with me – and them! – this week. Those sorts of messages really brighten our day. It has not been entirely straightforward at times for teaching colleagues to toggle between lessons being beamed out live to pupils at home, as well as teaching the boys in the classroom in front of them. Do please continue to bear with us next week if it takes a teacher one or two minutes to log on and get sorted for the lesson – it does not mean boys at home have been forgotten, far from it!

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Tim Smith Headmaster