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The Bulletin – Edition 11

I am not sure how much Christmas spirit has started to imbue the atmosphere and tone of what has been happening in your homes this week, but rest assured here at both the Pre-Prep & Prep it has been sprinkled about in great abundance! It was the Kindergarten pupils’ turn to have me read them a story this week, and before we got going, we all leapt up to produce excellent dramatic impressions of the Christmas trees they gleefully told me had been put up at home last weekend. More trees to raise in Pre-Prep & Prep family homes this weekend, with something restorative for adults and children alike to enjoy as they are decorated, no doubt! The trees on both our sites are themed blue and gold – our school colours. My grateful thanks to the Parents’ Association who had organised our annual Secret Santa event for pupils at both the Pre-Prep & Prep to take place this morning. It is truly a delight to see how carefully – and with much love – the pupils here consider what they wish to choose as gifts for you. I do hope you shall be able to attend some or indeed all of the events we have planned for parents over the coming week and a half; we are set to make the most of what I hope shall be an exciting and joyful end to the term!

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Tim Smith Headmaster