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The Bulletin – Edition 13

I have very much enjoyed seeing pupils and parents back at school this week, however short it has been! There has been some excellent chat between us around what we all enjoyed the most over the recent holiday period. I tied this in to my assembly in the Prep yesterday, which was based upon our assembly theme for this term which is ‘awe and wonder’. If you are at all curious, do ask your sons what my holiday highlight was and how awesome and wonderful I found it to be! I asked the boys to consider and share what had filled them with awe and wonder over the weeks they were away from school. It was so charming to hear from many of them how they had enjoyed spending time with their families the most, including for a good number of boys being able to see grandparents in person for the first time after many months. I am always so pleased to hear the pupils at our school expressing their delight about the relationships that mean so much to them.

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Tim Smith Headmaster