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The Bulletin – Edition 27

Mr Ford has been in touch with parents about our school exams next week and both he and I have been very impressed with the way boys in Years 3 – 5 have been demonstrating their developed knowledge and skills in various revision type lessons in the Prep this week. I often say to prospective – and current – parents that the boys and girls here really are like sponges; they soak up masses of interesting, challenging and searching new ideas with great alacrity. I always find it so fascinating and exciting to see them express what they have absorbed in all sorts of successful and excellent ways. I think we might reasonably call that ‘learning’? I am looking forward to seeing more of that next week from the boys in Years 3 to 5 and I hope in many ways their efforts and achievements will be an academic crowning glory of sorts, as we begin to turn our minds towards the conclusion of this school year.


Speaking of crowns…!


I do hope everyone across the Pre-Prep & Prep remains committed to making a splendid crown to wear in the parade and competition at our whole school Platinum Jubilee Picnic, taking place in the Prep next Friday? In my assembly in the Prep on Monday we looked at all sorts of different ceremonial headgear and crowns from different cultures across the globe, by way of inspiration. I am inspired on a daily basis by a decorated post box near where I live in West London, as I drive past it on my way to school each morning (please see the photos). Nothing represents reverence for the monarchy more I would say, than a particularly eccentric, somehow typically quirky British endeavour such as a crocheted crown secretly appearing on a public edifice in the dead of night, and left for the public to enjoy!


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Tim Smith Headmaster