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Humanities and RE

image001Humanities at Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep is a combination of Geography and History. Wherever possible, the pupils are immersed in topics that allow a detailed investigation into both areas.

Pupils today see history being made, as it happens and before it is has been censored by their elders. It is part of our responsibility as educators to help the decision makers of the future understand the need to think, challenge and be able to reason, rather than just follow.  At times in the Prep department, History and Geography are separated to allow the pupils time to build key skills and knowledge.

From the pyramids of Egypt to the events of World War Two, we guide our pupils through a wide range of topics to try to give them fundamental skills so that they can start to make sense of history and not to see it just as a confused collection of facts.

We provide a framework of historical skills for the pupils to fall back on so that they can find evidence, consider it, and reach their own conclusions. A sense of chronology, an ability to investigate different styles of evidence and its reliability, assist greatly with this process.

Artefact handling, problem solving with source material, day trips, themed events and visiting speakers all contribute to make the subject a vivid and stimulating area.

Geography, by its very nature, is a ‘living’ subject; always on the move, always challenging. It contributes to the cultural, social, spiritual and moral life of the children as they acquire knowledge of a range of different cultures and traditions, and learn tolerance and understanding of other people and environments.

Our aim is to instill in every pupil a desire to understand the world around them by using their knowledge and personal experiences to make sense of the dynamic and yet fragile world in which they live.


RE in Years 3 and 4 has traditionally followed the stories and accounts of the Christian Bible. The RE curriculum at our School references these aspects of the Christian tradition, with the aim of expanding the boys’ awareness through the study of creation stories, parables and traditions of a wide variety of world religions and cultures. This approach serves as a foundation for the more in depth study of the origins, beliefs and practices of the major world religions in Years 5 and 6.