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Drama plays a large role in the co-curricular life here at Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep.

Outside the classroom, pupils can join a range of groups and activities to enhance their creative experience.

Drama Club is open to children of all ages and is an opportunity for different year groups to work collaboratively on building their drama skills and their understanding of stagecraft and theatre techniques.

At the end of each term the School presents a large-scale musical production in which all pupils take part. The children of the Pre-Prep get the ball rolling with the Christmas play and Kindergarten Nativity, whilst the Prep boys present the annual carol service. At Easter the boys in Year 5 and 6 take charge and in the Summer it is the turn of boys in Years 3 and 4 to entertain us. To round off the year Pre-Prep take up the reins once again for their Summer Concert.

Through our wide and varied programme of performances, we hope to offer all of the children within the School the chance to grow in confidence and self-belief and allow them the opportunity to shine in their own individual way.