Adverse Weather Info

Due to the latest weather forecast the School will be closing. 

  • If your child is at Late Stay, please collect him or her from Pre-Prep as normal whenever you are able to.
  • Years 5 and 6 boys who were due to be collected from Hampton School are at the Prep School now. 

You are welcome to collect your child as soon as you can. We will be looking after them all  either here or at the Pre-Prep.

Do please take care if you are driving. There is no urgency to this from our angle as staff will of course remain on site until the last child is collected. 

Decisions over closing the School in poor weather are extremely carefully considered ones, and we follow a severe weather conditions plan and risk assessment when making them – the welfare and safety of pupils and staff always have the highest priority when taking such decisions. Closing a little earlier than usual today will allow all pupils and staff to travel home safely. Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any unintended inconvenience caused.

We hope the pupils will enjoy themselves during a slightly extended afternoon of snowballing! It is our current intention to open the School on Monday morning as usual, but further updates will be provided on the School website, Twitter feed and e-mail as required.