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Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is a friendly, lively and unpretentious school for girls aged 3 to 7 and boys aged 3 to 11.

Our core function is to provide an excellent all-round education. We want our pupils to make excellent progress that results in superb achievements whilst they are with us. We want them to transfer happily and successfully to their senior school.

We value effort as much as achievement; we work hard to promote and sustain the conditions where both can be celebrated. We rely on each other.

We welcome pupils of all cultures and backgrounds. We nurture a community where safety, respect and trust are paramount. We share in both our triumphs and defeats and know how important it is to embrace both as learning opportunities. This enables our pupils to make sense of the world and know how to have a positive impact upon it.

We attract and educate boys and girls

  • of academic and all-round ambition
  • from a wide range of settings and schools

To provide them with

  • a challenging and stimulating education
  • a friendly and supportive environment

To develop in our pupils

  • the desire to achieve their full academic potential
  • a participative and positive approach to learning
  • a helpful and committed attitude to their School and the community respect for self and others
  • involvement in co-curricular activities
  • skills for life at their next school and beyond

We attempt to achieve these aims through

  • a broad and balanced curriculum
  • an established system of pastoral care
  • a co-operative and collaborative relationship with the community
  • an extensive range of co-curricular activities
  • the development and maintenance of our site and its facilities