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While much of what our pupils learn is closely aligned to the National Curriculum, Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep is an independent school. This means we have the freedom to produce our own curriculum.

Schemes of work are designed to provide plenty of scope for every pupil to tackle a range of tasks and activities that best match the breadth and depth of their abilities and then extend them. These schemes are very carefully reviewed on an annual basis which allows us to ensure that our curriculum consistently meets the demands of the ever changing world; recent examples of this include the increased provision of a STEM based approach to our teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. In our state-of-the-art ‘Engine Room’ pupils apply theories developed in other subjects and try to engineer solutions to real-life problems all the way through to the production phase.

This approach is very important to us as we strongly believe that one size does not fit all. We are not keen on any curriculum model that is mile wide but only inch deep; our ‘Three Rs’ however are richness, relevance and rigour. We prefer to consider our curriculum in this way because we know that is how our pupils will make excellent progress. We have shaped each day so that if need be, we can fling our best laid plans for any lesson out of the window because someone – a teacher or a pupil – has discovered a much more interesting seam of knowledge for us to mine or come up with a brilliant idea that really needs exploring!

Our Co-curricular programme covers a broad spectrum of interests and experiences and the pupils are afforded many opportunities to participate in sports, trips and special events. Some of the best learning will not happen in our classrooms, nor will it exclusively be as a result of what the teachers here have done. We use up to date technology where appropriate and allow pupils to relate their learning to real life experiences.

We prepare our boys and girls for a number of next schools. While many of our boys go on to Hampton School at 11+, we ensure that all our pupils are fully prepared for their secondary school and get really stuck in and have a go at the wonderfully wide range of opportunities that will be a part of their future educational environment, wherever that may be.

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