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Entry to Prep

Prep School starts in Year 3, when we increase our intake from one-form to two. There are usually around 36 boys in each year group, with an average class size of 18.

Boys who wish to join Hampton Prep (Years 3 to 6) at 7+ from another school are invited to meet the Headmaster and join us for an assessment morning.


Our assessment morning is specifically designed to appeal to six-year-old boys and is lots of fun! We aim to get to know each boy as well as possible on a personal level, to see if he will be happy and enjoy learning at our School.

The day itself mimics, in so far as it can, a typical School morning and allows us to develop a view of each boy’s potential across a whole range of dispositions and domains.

Although there are three short tests, most of the morning is given over to activities that the boys throw themselves into with great gusto! Outdoor play may include, for instance, tackling a range of giant puzzles in the playground – the boys work together in small groups, sharing ideas on building an interesting model out of wooden blocks and sticks, or inventing a new game for everyone to play.

They also spend a good deal of time talking to us! We ask each boy to bring in an object he treasures and tell us all about it. We usually find this aspect of the day the most fascinating of all – once the boys get chatting to us, and to each other, they could often talk for ever!

A reference is also requested from each boy’s current Headteacher.


The English assessment is a pen and paper exercise and allows us to assess each boy’s developing strengths in English. Boys are asked to complete some reading comprehension activities and may also be asked to write a brief story based on a selection of pictures. No special preparation is required.


In Maths, we assess how much arithmetic a boy can complete in a set period of time – but do not expect them to know any more than they would normally encounter in their current Year 2 setting.


Reasoning ability is assessed using an online exercise. No special preparation or practice is required, just an ability to operate a mouse and keyboard.


Parents are notified of the outcome of the 7+ assessments within three to four weeks.

Entry to the Prep is subject to a boy achieving the minimum agreed level in his assessment and places are offered to boys who we feel will be happy and thrive at the School and cope positively with the demands placed upon them. As more boys will be assessed than there are places, responses will be ‘offer’, ‘waiting list’ or ‘no offer’.

Boys currently attending Hampton Pre-Prep automatically progress to the Prep School, subject to meeting the required standards of behaviour and progress.


7+ ASSESSMENT for september 2023 entry

Children born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 will be entering Year 3 from September 2023.

Registration for Year 3 entry in September 2023 is now open. Our 7+ assessment will take place on a Saturday morning in November 2022 at the Prep School.


Assessments for occasional entry to the Prep School are held, as and when, places become available.

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