A new term has also brought with it six new school councillors – Reception: Yannis and Finn; Year 1 Rafe and Cameron; and Year 2 Finlay M and George.

The first recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge Teddy (Year 2) for being such a bright spark in the classroom – both in his learning and towards his friends.  What a kind, loyal friend you are, Teddy!

and Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Thomas for a beautifully crafted first paragraph in his diary entry, posing as Lilly in “The Whales’ Song” – what a super writer you are!

Year 1: Ethan for continually challenging himself across English and maths.

Reception: Finlay R for his lovely neat writing about penguins and an amazing drawing.

I am delighted to report that we have finally celebrated several children’s Reading Challenge certificates, they are as follows:  Lani (Year 1), Henry H (Year 1) and Kian (Year 1).  I am afraid this is an error entirely of my making – I had been waiting for the certificates to come through directly to us here at school from library services as has previously happened.  What a long wait for the children concerned!

We have noted that at the end of the school day, once dismissed by members of staff, some children are rushing out onto the pavements ahead of their adults I have spoken with the children in assembly about the importance of them remaining close by to the adult taking care of them and also about their general behaviour on leaving the school premises – for example, walking along the pavement.  It only takes seconds for an accident to occur, so we would urge you to keep your child close to you for all sorts for safeguarding reasons.

Have a super weekend.