In today’s assembly we focused on Children’s Mental Health Week which takes place next week from 5 February to 11 February. It is really important that children understand how there can be changes to their bodies which are connected to their feelings and thoughts – for example, when our heart beats very quickly after we have been running, the same is true when we are nervous or scared.  By helping children with these concepts and getting them to think about how their feelings and thoughts are linked to behaviour, we can then explain how a combination of all these elements affect our mental health.  It is so important for children to know whom they can talk to if ever they feel anxious, worried or afraid, but also to know these feelings will pass.

Understanding and managing emotions is so important for development and wellbeing during childhood and adolescence but this takes time and experience. Children and teenagers who can understand and manage their emotions are more likely to:  express emotions by speaking calmly or in appropriate ways; bounce back after feeling strong emotions like disappointment, frustration or excitement; and lastly, control impulses and behave appropriately – that is, in ways that don’t hurt other people, things or themselves.

A child’s ability to understand and manage emotions develops over time. When young, children need help with understanding emotions. Recognising and naming emotions lays the groundwork for managing emotions as a child gets older.  As children grow, they learn more strategies to manage their emotions without help.  Today, we discussed different things we can do to calm ourselves when worries and feelings seem to be getting the better of us.

Years 1 and 2 will be competing in House Cross Country on Thursday afternoon.  Races take place in Carlisle Park so do come along, if you can – I know Mr Salt has sent out information about specific timings of the year group races.  We will return to Pre-Prep once our children have run their races primarily to keep nice and warm, so collection arrangements remain the same for us.  If, however, you would like to keep your child with you in order to watch older siblings run, then please let Mrs Timba or Mrs Leissle know in advance.

Next Friday sees us donning our 1920s costumes in celebration of the School’s remarkable history.  We shall be learning new dances, learning about life at that time but, most importantly, having great fun ahead of half term.

This week’s recipient of the Courtesy Cup and BadgeHenry H (Year 1) for beautiful manners to friends and teachers, and always being a kind friend.

and Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Chuck for superb focus in maths lessons, always knowing when to ask for help when necessary, and listening carefully at all times.

Year 1: Felix for commendable effort in maths – accessing challenge work and explaining his reasoning clearly.

Reception: Taksh for his fabulous Mr Potato Head with lovely neat labels.

Kindergarten are keen to have any spare egg boxes you may have for an art project they are doing next week – thank you.

Have a super weekend.