How magical was the snow last weekend, we hope you all managed to have some time outside making the most of it!  After all, what is better than playing in fresh snow – looking out of a window to see the world covered in a blanket of snow is so serene and calming.

Whilst we are all spending far more time staring at screens, outside nature is as busy as ever! Every year the RSPB runs a special birdwatch which you may like to get involved with. This year The Big Garden Birdwatch runs from 29th until 31st January 2021.  It is free to join in; you just need to sign up on the RSPB website.  All you need to do is go outside for the specified time at some point during the three days and count all the birds that you can see. They advise you ignore any birds that are still in flight and, to avoid double-counting, just record the highest number of each bird species you see at any one time as opposed to a running total. You can submit your results online at If you are not sure what type of bird you see, they even have a handy identification chart on their website. There are also lots of lovely ideas for ways that you can attract more birds to your garden. So, when you have a spare hour this weekend, perhaps get outside and watch the birds. Happy twitching everyone – who knows you may discover that bird watching is both an enjoyable and rewarding pastime!


Stars of the Week:

Year 2: Ronak for participating so well in our ‘hot seating’ activity in English. You were a fantastic ‘Marie Curie’!

Year 1: Sendan for excellent contributions during class discussions.

Reception: Jacob (Ri) for working so hard this term with all his topic work – very well done!


Please note certificates and badges will be posted today for children currently offsite.


Many children took part in last week’s Puzzle of the Week finding hidden words and some even sent back puzzles for me to crack – you might like to have a go at some devised by the children!


  3. TQ BR  EL   BE
  4. TN LI  FG  EW  CR
  5. CY OL  ZD  EJ   BW RX  ES  AO  KY  ED  RM
  6. CU OE  LT  ME  NB  RC  TA  BT  EW


Domino Loop was similarly tackled with great gusto – well done to all involved!


A special mention to Caleb (Year 1) as he, along with his mummy, has been cooking meals to take to the homeless during this lockdown – what a very kind and commendable thing to do!  Well done, Caleb!