Mr Smith led Thursday’s assembly explaining how actions of certain members of the armed forces, who dared to be different, managed to re-write the rule book, resulting in a rule over 100 years old being changed – consequently, members of the armed forces are now allowed to grow their beards should they wish.  We agreed that those daring to be different need the following three attributes: self-belief, strength and bravery.

This week, the children have also been reminded about the importance of personal safety and have once again been told to stay close to their parents/carers at the beginning and end of the school day to ensure they come to no harm.  We also refreshed our road safety knowledge – for example, when crossing roads, it should be done as quietly as possibly, without talking, in order to keep an ear out for any approaching traffic and to be able to respond quickly should instructions change.  Every time we cross roads on our way to and from Pre-Prep, we practise looking right, then left to check it is safe to do so and that the route remains safe for us.

We have also stressed to the children that they must never be afraid to speak up if anyone bothers them. In the first instance, we always encourage them to say the words, “Please stop it, I don’t like it”, however, if it doesn’t stop immediately, then they must seek adult support. We discussed the fact that bottling things up, or even taking matters in to their own hands, for example lashing out, is not the answer. As part of the importance of speaking up, we revisited the NSPCC PANTS rule – here’s the link for the book, ‘Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS’ if you wish to take a look and use at home.

Many of the children are wearing smart watches to school, however, they are finding these distracting in the context of a classroom.  Added to this, the functionality of some are so sophisticated nowadays that some can even record and take photographs, which has serious implications for safeguarding the children here.  Therefore, we ask that only simple watches (straightforward analogue or digital ones) are worn to school from now on.  We do appreciate your support in this matter.

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Efe (Year 2) for being consistently polite and kind to his friends and all adults.  Efe is a ray of sunshine in the classroom and a role model to his peers.  Thank you, Efe!

and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2: Tobi for exceptional focus and understanding in our geography lessons, and for generally being a top friend!

Year 1: Cameron for confidently sharing his amazing knowledge about space with the class.

Reception: Simran for her fabulous sea creature.

In our celebration assembly on Thursday, the following children were congratulated:

Year 2: Charlie for being star of the week at Stagecoach due to his endless enthusiasm for singing ‘The Greatest Showman’; Henri and Willem for their end of season certificates for brilliant rugby playing this season from Harlequin RFC; and Finlay M as last Saturday, he was awarded the Hardest Working Player of the Season trophy award for his football team, Teddington Athletic U7 Stags.

Year 1: Lani for completing the Doodle Maths Spring Challenge 2024.

Reception:  Coco for achieving her Animal Lover badge in Rainbows; and Krishna for his certificate from Reeds Weybridge RFC for great agility, balance and co-ordination throughout the season.

Wishing you all a super bank holiday weekend!