Whilst young children feel the full range of emotions, it takes time for them to truly understand them – expressing, interpreting, processing and even being able to name them correctly. Developing an appreciation that there will be periods in our lives when we feel really good but other times less so – and furthermore that it is perfectly normal to do so.  Positive relationships, knowing whom we can to turn to whenever we feel low, or indeed being able to employ strategies to help us navigate the inevitable tricky times in our lives is key.  This is a theme we shall return to again and again, as talking about feelings and emotions can only serve to make us stronger and, in turn, more resilient to the unavoidable ups and downs of life.  In a few short weeks, the children here will all be thinking about transitioning to their next class, or new school, embarking on subsequent steps in their educational journey and, of course, whilst this is very exciting, it is also completely normal to feel apprehensive and nervous around such changes.

Year 1 had great fun on their visit to Winchester Science Museum and loved exploring all things space related.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing their understanding of the topic but, it has to be said, started off with excellent prior knowledge!  It was music to my ears to hear how well-behaved the children were on their outing, all being great ambassadors for the School. My grateful thanks to our parent helpers for accompanying the children on their outing.

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Henri (Year 2)  for always displaying beautiful manners towards is teachers and friends, and for being gracious when things don’t go to plan!

and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2: Alex for his infectious enthusiasm in ALL areas of the curriculum, and for being so kind and polite.

Year 1: Sebastian G for using and explaining some very sophisticated vocabulary on our trip, and back in the classroom.

Reception: Anton for his fabulous independent story writing this week.

Congratulations: Harry H (Year 1) for being selected ‘player of the week’ for his local cricket club, Hampton Hill, Kabir (Reception) for his Sheen Lions Football Club U6s award and to Charlie (Year 2) who has been busy at beavers earning both his faith badge and experiment activity badge – very well done!

We are also thrilled that Alex (Year 2) has taken the time and effort at home to illustrate our school creed – what a beautiful job he did, too!

A number of people have asked if grandparents can come along to the Centenary Pre-Prep Sports Day & Picnic – the answer is an emphatic, YES! The more the merrier so please let them know they are most welcome.

Have a super weekend.