Since that time, passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers have driven many achievements, from changing laws and expanding abroad to supporting thousands of dogs and owners.  When a dog is at risk, they help them get back on their paws with healthcare, training, rehabilitation – and lots of love, of course.  Last year alone, The Dogs Trust cared for 13,374 and were able rehome 10,588 dogs!  On Thursday 4 July, School Council have asked their friends to bring a £2 donation to help them continue their good work.  This coincides with the date we have asked that the children bring in their own clothes to wear to the Golden Treat during the afternoon.  All the children must, of course, be in their school uniform in the morning – extra smart and tidy for the Summer Concert and Prize Giving – no games kit on that day please!

Year 2’s class assembly was similarly excellent this morning as they framed it around the term’s assembly, topic ‘Dare to Be Different’ and significant individuals they have studied this year, in particular, focusing on incredibly brave women of the past – Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell – each one such amazing role models.  I have to confess, I knew little about Edith Cavell  until I was enlightened by them this morning.  We discovered that she is celebrated around the world nowadays for her tremendous courage and bravery during the Frist World War when she treated wounded soldiers from both sides without discrimination and helped some 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium.  Year 2 taught us a very catchy song to round off their superb assembly – thank you!

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Cameron (Year 1) for excellent and polite eye contact when speaking to teachers and friends.  And always saying a very polite “Good Afternoon” at the end of each day.

and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2:  Anne for performing her lines for the class assembly with such conviction, and for being a super buddy to the Reception children.

Year 1: Oscar S for working hard on his handwriting, and general effort across all subjects – keep it up!

Reception: Kabir for being an exceptional role model at all times.  Thank you, Kabir.

We congratulated Kian (Year 1) for receiving a Blue Peter Badge for his ‘Mission Poem’ – and this made me think it has been some time since have seen a Blue Peter Badge here.  We had quite a flurry a few years back for all sorts of different reasons, but I hope he has inspired his friends to do the same.  With the badge comes the Blue Peter Badge Card and with it free access to over 200 Blue Peter Badge Attractions throughout the UK.  Miss Johnston pointed out her daughter, now 14 years old, still makes good use of hers!

Many congratulations to Aran (Year 2) on achieving his Orange Senior belt in Choi Kwang Do – good effort!

Have a wonderful weekend.