Naturally, given the date, we talked about St George in assembly today. Discussions led very nicely in to talking about standards and the importance of upholding one’s beliefs.  We decided that it takes courage and strength to do the right thing in this respect.

We have celebrated a flurry of birthdays recently, so I thought it a good opportunity to remind everyone about our policy regarding party invitations. We are happy to assist in this respect, the proviso being all invitations are unnamed and everyone in the class is invited – this means we can simply pop the invitations into the children’s blue bags very quickly and, furthermore, there are no disappointments with anyone being left out  You will also recall I wrote recently about the School being  ‘nut aware’ as opposed to ‘nut free’ environment.  A significant number of the children here do suffer from very serious food allergies so it is vitally important all labelling is checked very carefully when putting together party bags.  Again, these should be unnamed for ease of distribution – we ask you to distribute as many at collection time as you can and will assist with children in late stay.  If food items are contained within party bags, it is imperative that you check the ingredients very, very carefully.

Monday’s House Cross Country saw the children putting in a sterling performance as they raced around Carlisle Park. A special mention to those awarded in first, second and third position in the awards section that follows.

Have a super weekend!


Courtesy Cup and Badge: Max Xia (Year 2) for always greeting the teachers politely and for wishing them a nice evening at home time.

Stars of the Week:

Year 2: Theo for working really hard to improve his handwriting.

Year 1: Archunan for settling so well to his new school.

Reception: Rory for his fabulous news writing.