As you know Pre-Prep School Council met last week and decided on their chosen charity to support this term – the Shooting Star Hospice in Hampton. To raise money for this important  cause, everyone in Kindergarten to Year 2 may come to school dressed as a Superhero on Friday 11 June, that is, in exchange for £1. We look forward to what we hope will be a memorable day!  Kindergarten, the lucky things, have already had a turn at dressing up as superheroes – instead of coming in mufti today, they donned their superhero costumes to round off their topic in grand style.  Mrs Hand will be letting you know more about this in her section.

In the last Pastoral Review 2018-2019, feedback from pupils here (at that time) and further up the School told us greater opportunities to visit the Prep site to meet with members of staff ahead of transition to Year 3 would be greatly welcomed. Whilst Summer 2019 saw us implementing some changes to this effect, bigger plans for Summer 2020 were unfortunately put paid to by the appearance of Covid-19.  It is therefore all the more exciting that plans have come to fruition this summer.  The boys have thoroughly enjoyed their Friday visits to Prep, getting to know not just the members of staff  there better but also importantly learning the layout of Prep.  They will have further opportunities to visit Prep next half term and to meet their prospective classmates, as several more moving-up events take place.

Starting on Wednesday 9 June, children from Kindergarten to Year 2 will have the opportunity to ‘move up’ to spend time in their new classroom and meet their next Class Teacher(s). Parents will similarly have an opportunity to meet their child/children’s next Class Teacher at 6.30pm on the same day. Some ‘umming and ahing’ took place about the chosen date, however, the general consensus was that it would be far, far better for parents to meet with teachers, albeit remotely, ahead of the long holiday – so that is what we have gone with and you will shortly receive your link to the event!  The decision was influenced by the fact that for the last couple of years now we have held Kindergarten’s Welcome and Information Evening in June which has been so valuable for so many reasons.

I should like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic half term break with plenty of rest and relaxation – enjoy your time away from school to recharge the batteries ready for the final few weeks of the school year!


Courtesy Cup and Badge recipient: Max (Reception) for his lovely manners and always being polite and helpful.


Stars of the Week:

Year 2: Jack for always presenting his work so smartly.  Keep it up!

Year 1: Rayan for working hard and displaying excellent group work skills.

Reception: Jacob Ra for his fabulous reading and learning his sight words. Well done!


We celebrated lots of awards in today’s assembly!


In Reception, Jacob Ra was congratulated for his ‘Man of the Match’ award for his football club.  Both Alfred and Rory received certificates for their endeavours at their respective rugby clubs – Rory for being a superstar mini rugby player for Harlequins Amateurs and Alfred for completing the term at Half Backs rugby club.


Ralph (Year 1) was awarded with his Learn to Swim Level 2 certificate.


Ediz (Year 1) for excellent play and running skills in rugby – his certificate noted he was super-fast.


Alfie (Year 2) was awarded a certificate for his participation in the 2020-2021 rugby season at Teddington RFC and honouring the TREDS principles that they promote.