After some time apart in our separate bubbles, it is wonderful that whole school events can occur once again and I am pleased to report we have enjoyed our first assembly collectively today– safe to say, it was great to be back together again! Celebration of Stars of the Week and Courtesy Cup will begin next week once we have a full week of schooling under our belts and on Thursdays, we will continue to celebrate achievements gained out of school so please do send in news of your child’s achievements, if possible to their Class Teacher(s) by Wednesday each week – a brief explanation is always so helpful.

On this note, I am delighted to report that in Kuk Sool Won,  Rayan (Year 2) received his patch badges for Do-jang, where he learnt to polish the swords he will train with when he reaches black belt and an Awesome effort badge. He also received a trophy in recognition of his continued efforts in training throughout the pandemic and was chosen as the “Mini Mantis of the Year 2021” as best student for his age and grade.  Well done, Rayan.

A quick reminder of our email addresses so that you can contact your child’s Class Teacher(s) directly:

Year 2: Miss Page
Year 1: Mrs Timba
Mrs Leissle
Reception: Miss Johnston
Kindergarten: Mrs Hand


A round-up from each class begins next but, in the meantime, have a super weekend.