Assemblies this week have focused not only on our PSHE theme for this half of term, ‘Being Me in My World’, but we have also made time to talk about School Council – what it is and why it is so important –  it is the forum whereby children contribute their ideas and suggestions to improve aspects of school life.  To this end, two children from each class from Reception upwards, are elected by their peers to sit on the council for the term.  School Council is the vehicle that not only allows the children here at Hampton Pre-Prep the opportunity to proffer ideas and suggestions to enhance school life but indeed the wider community too, and we do this by supporting the children’s chosen charities. Election time will soon be upon us, so please do talk to your son or daughter about this and, more importantly, if they wish to stand for School Council.  Voting takes place next week and our new councillors for the term ahead will be announced on Friday 24 September.


Having been apart for so long over the last year or so, I continue to rejoice in the fact that we can be together again in the hall for assemblies and yesterday it was lovely to celebrate the following awards with Mr Smith present for his Headmaster’s assembly.  Similarly, hearing the classes singing together is joyous to say the least.

The first House and Vice Captains of the school year have been announced and were awarded with their badges by Mr Smith in assembly, and they are as follows:


Lancaster (Red): Jazz (House Captain) and Harry (Vice Captain)

Windsor (Yellow): Max  (House Captain) and Caleb (Vice Captain)

York (Green): Thomas (House Captain) and Akhil (Vice Captain)

Tudor (Blue): Henry ( House Captain) and Archunan (Vice Captain)


The first recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge was Hari (Year 1) for his exceptionally polite manners to teachers and friends.


and Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Michael for settling in so well to Hampton Pre-Prep.

Year 1: Daniel for settling in so well and always working hard.

Reception: Rosie for being so kind and helping her friends and teachers in her new class.


Miss Johnson also noted her delight with the following new pupils in Reception for settling in so well:  Teddy, Aran, Charles and Tobi.


I am delighted to report that  Sendan (Year 2) completed his Stage 1 swimming over the summer and  Harry (Year 2) has been awarded a cycle badge in Beavers having demonstrated important safety measures as well as great skill when riding his bike for a short distance. Alfred (Year 1) was commended for his participation in a Talent Show at Camp Beaumont and for being extremely helpful to his coach at Koosa Kids and for demonstrating enthusiasm for all activities whilst there.


Please note an important change to collection arrangements for Year 2 – from Monday onwards they revert to being collected at 3.35pm from the blue front gate, that is, once Year 1 have been dismissed.


As promised, class round-ups begin this week.

Have a super weekend.