One thing is for sure, the children are our hope for the future so it is of course all the more encouraging and heart-warming to read their insightful words. In the absence of being able to stage our annual exhibition, please do enjoy the compilation of our projects below.


We enjoyed a very interesting presentation from Dr Kathy Weston at one of last year’s HPPPA Holistic Parent Talks – she advises on all manner of issues around parenting.  Having recently read an interesting article on the importance of sleep, I would thoroughly recommend signing up to her weekly blog.  Her wise words are definitely worth a read, or alternatively you can listen to her interviewing a wide range of experts in various field in her podcasts – an optometrist, an educational psychologist and an occupational therapist to name but a few.


This half term really does have to take the record as the fastest yet, I wish you all a very safe and restful half term break, recharging the batteries ready for the second half of term and all that this will bring as we romp towards December!

Have a wonderful break.




This week’s  Courtesy Cup and Badge recipient is Arith (Year 2) for always remembering to say please and thank you.  What lovely manners!


Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Jack for persevering with maths challenges until he finds the answer.  Keep it up!

Year 1: Caleb for always displaying an excellent attitude to work and school life.

Reception: Kit for excellent all-round effort this half term.


Many congratulations to Kit (Reception) for being chosen as player of the day at his rugby club, Halfbacks rugby.


Ayansh (Year 1) is taking up a challenge this half term by doing the 10 books in 10 days reading mission in order to raise funds for “NHS charities together” and “Room to Read”. He starts his mission tomorrow and we wish him lots of luck and look forward to hearing more in due course!


The first rainbow tea party took place this afternoon – very well done to all attendees!