Our week started with a series of drama workshops, led by West End in Schools, focusing on considering and celebrating differences between us all –  the children were encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness! In assembly, important messages conveyed in Julia Donaldson’s and Axel Scheffler’s wonderful book, ‘The Ugly Five’, were discussed and the theme was further embedded in Life Skills sessions.  In Mr Smith’s section of the bulletin, you will see he has provided a link to the anti-bullying alliance as they provide a wealth of information about this subject but also resources for you to look at with your child at home.  Kindergarten made this lovely ‘Heart of Kindness’ in support of Anti-Bullying Week.

We were thrilled to welcome the Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) to Pre-Prep this week to support Road Safety Week 2021, too. Important key road safety messages were delivered to the girls and boys through a series of scenarios. It was clear the children loved seeing their older schoolmates and they listened so attentively. It has to be said, they had no problem spotting how each one could be made all the safer.  A big thank you to the JTAs for their wonderful presentation but also for leaving us with a small gift to keep us safe on our journeys to and from school during the darker mornings and evenings.

Recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge this week was Ralph (Year 2) spotted by Miss Page for waiting at the bottom of the stairs and letting Year 1 go up before him.


Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2: Rayan for creating a wonderful sequence in his PE dance lesson!

Year 1: Oliver for demonstrating excellent comprehension skills during our reading sessions.

Reception: Aran for his lovely writing about Autumn.