As the new term brings a new focus for our assemblies, the children were introduced to this term’s theme – it is ‘awe and wonder’. Discussions started with The Seven Wonders of the World, the fact that they are a group of places around the world considered to be of great importance.  We also talked about the fact that there was once another list, the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, which I have to confess made me feel very old indeed as these are what I remember talking about during my school days!  The children discovered that in 2000, a campaign was started to decide on seven new Wonders of the World as only the Great Pyramid of Giza still exists today. Over 100 million people cast their votes in order to whittle over 200 places down to just seven. The winners were announced on 7th July 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal.  It wasn’t lost on the children that the number ‘7’ features quite heavily in this date.  We will be looking at the Seven Wonders of the World over the course of this half term amongst other things – if you have visited any and have photographs of you doing so, we should absolutely love to see them.


The new term also means it is time to start thinking about new school councillors for the Spring Term.  As you know, our School Council provides the forum whereby the children contribute their ideas and suggestions to improve aspects of school life and furthermore work collaboratively to support those less fortunate through our charity work. Election time will soon be upon us, so please do talk to your son or daughter about this and, more importantly, find out if they wish to stand for School Council.  Voting takes place next week in each class and our new councillors for the term ahead will be announced on Friday 21 January.  We are really proud of our School Council’s good works to date and we gave our thanks to our out going councillors in today’s assembly.


The first recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge was Akhil (Year 2) for always using polite manners

when talking to adults and children at school.


and Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Archunan for always displaying excellent behaviour at school.

Year 1: Anush for a super attitude to learning – keep up the good work!

Reception: Efe for his amazing independent writing about Winter.


I am delighted to report that  Sendan (Year 2) completed his Level 2 learn to swim award and Alfred (Year 1) his 5m award with Patterson’s Penguins – very well done to both!