Did you know, for example, that Nelson continues to keep a watchful eye on his fleet from Trafalgar Square? If not, next time you walk down The Mall, be sure to look very carefully to see if you can spot his fleet! I also asked the children to let me know about some of their favourites and, as you would imagine, was absolutely thrilled when many wonderful drawings, plus a very carefully created model, came my way – we loved looking at them on Monday morning and I understand there are many more for me to enjoy on my return.


The recipient of the Courtesy Cup and Badge goes to Daniel in Y1 for his beautiful manners and showing kindness to friends

and Stars of the Week went to the following children:


Year 2: Harrison for working hard to improve his handwriting. Keep up the great work!

Year 1: Selim for excellent effort in English – writing a brilliant piece of persuasive writing with two conjunctions.

Reception: Willem for a superb piece of writing all about the Chinese New Year.