Portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II are now up in the hall and looking gorgeous – you are more than welcome to pop in to the hall on Tuesday morning (3rd May) at drop off to take a look for yourself. I have been most impressed with the range of techniques and materials utilised in these wonderful creations.

Nothing makes us feel prouder here at school than hearing about the children’s own initiatives to look after the planet, as well as engendering some community spirit along the way! One such project is being led by Alfred (Year 1) who has formed the ‘Little Litter Pickers Hampton’.  His intention is for this group to meet up to collect litter around the Hampton area.  Those of you who know Alfred well, know just how keen he is on saving nature and wildlife; he is greatly concerned by the increasing volume of litter in the local area and quite rightly has decided to do something about it. The inaugural litter picking meet takes place on Friday 6 May after school  – if you are interested in joining, please do speak to me and I will be happy to share greater information.  Gloves and a litter picking stick are a must if you wish to take part.


The Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Sendan (Year 2) for always displaying a cheery smile and a positive attitude in all he does.


Stars of the Week went to the following children:

Year 2: Ediz for his excellent fraction work this week in maths – keep it up!

Year 1: Adam for settling into Year 1 so well.  Well done, Adam!

Reception: Finlay for tying his best and sharing some lovely ideas in class.


There has been plenty going on with regard to achievements over the last week or so, firstly congratulations to Harry (Year 2) who attended Twickenham RFC’s mini rugby festival on Sunday – along with 1500 others he played very well in their Under-7s tournament and enjoyed a great day. All participants were awarded medals but Harry played especially well and scored four tries!

Congratulations to Arjun (Year 2) for taking his piano Prep Test with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music; he was commended for playing steadily with firm rhythm – well done, keep up the good work!

Finally, I am thrilled to be able to share some very, very exciting news… Konark (Year 2) received a large parcel this week – inside it detailed the fact he had been chosen as one of the winners of a poetry writing competition. In fact, he was just one of five winners from over 5,000 poets who submitted entries to the competition. Inside the parcel, he discovered a fabulous creative writing goody bag and found out an independent judge, Mark Grist, decided on his entry as a winner.  In the letter to Konark, it said, ‘Well done you – be proud, show off a bit and then knuckle down with your writing, you clearly have a talent for it’ – very well done!