This week it was the turn of Reception to lead our class assembly and they did so on the subject of pizzas and healthy eating.  They even made a pizza for the teachers – yum – but, whilst doing so, opened our eyes to the staggering distances some of the components had travelled from source to plate. The case for looking for the little tractor logo on packaging to support farmers closer to home was definitely promoted, I’d say!  In addition to this, they recalled the super time had at Pizza Express in Hampton Court – do take a look at the School’s twitter account for more detail. Thank you, Reception, for a very enlightening assembly today – food for thought for us all!


This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Benedict (Year 2) for his sunny, smiley disposition and enthusing us all with his love for poetry.  He is a very kind friend, and is following the Golden Rules.


and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2: Adam for working extremely hard this week in all of his lessons.

Year 1:  Karam for enthusiasm and a brilliant attitude to school life.

Reception:  Felix for working hard learning his sight words and reading beautifully.


Many congratulations Sebastian G (Reception) for gaining his Learn to Swim 1 certificate – very well done!


Wishing you all a wonderful half term break.