We also made some progress with selecting a Pre-Prep puppy (of the soft toy variety). So far, councillors have selected the dog breed, opting for a Labrador.  Quite rightly, they felt the next decision, that is, whether to have a chocolate or yellow Labrador, should be put to a vote – the importance of pupil voice and democracy all rolled in to one! In due course, the children will also have a say in the naming of our pet but, naturally, first need to know the outcome of this week’s vote – whether a chocolate lab or a yellow one is indeed our chosen pet.


Next week, Year 2 councillors meet with their fellow counterparts at Prep where they will focus attention on collective fundraising efforts for this term.  We are very lucky that Mrs Seward, Co-Chair of the HPPPA, will also be present at this meeting to support our money-making initiatives, whatever these may be. At this stage all I can say is watch this space for more information!


This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Charlie (Year 1) for starting every day with a cheerful good morning to his teachers and friends.


and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2: Zac for being a super wordsmith and for being polite and kind at all times.

Year 1:  Tobi for reading with expression – he is a joy to listen to!

Reception:  Elias for his lovely neat writing and beautiful drawing about Bonfire Night.


We congratulated children in Year 2 for taking part in a Young Writers’ Challenge and they received a certificate for their superb efforts – they will have work published in a Young Writers’ Anthology in due course!


We also celebrated two sporting achievements in Year 2 – very well done to Alfred for successfully completing the lions’ challenge at the Lions Sports Academy and for showing great resilience in his endeavours.  Furthermore, congratulations to Jasper for participating in the Harlequins U7 Tag Festival.