Assemblies last half term focused on ‘Looking after Ourselves’ and amongst other things we discussed the importance of looking after our teeth.  Following on from this Kit in Year 2 very kindly donated one of his milk teeth for a science experiment. We left his pristine tooth in a glass of fizzy drink for just over a week and yesterday took a look at the result.  Oh my, we were staggered to see what had happened to his tooth – do ask your child/children to tell you what we discovered. Hopefully fewer prompts will be necessary to ensure teeth are brushed carefully in your households as a result of what we saw!


This half term we have switched to ‘Looking after Others’.  Remembrance events and the poppy appeal have been very timely in our ensuing discussions but today we were thrilled that Charlie’s mummy came to our assembly. She explained her role in the police force but also about the role of the police in general; we loved seeing parts of the uniform as well as some important police equipment, including her warrant card – a very big thank you!  We would love to hear from other parents too as this theme lends itself to many occupations out there – please do get in touch if you can spare half an hour one morning, the children would simply love to hear from you!


Year 2 councillors joined the Prep’s School Council meeting on Wednesday and I am pleased to announce have selected the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice as the focus of their fundraising efforts this term.  The Shooting Star House in Hampton provides vital care to many children as well as their families. As the leading children’s hospice charity supporting over 700 children and their families throughout Surrey and across London throughout the 356 days of the year, they need monetary support to continue their wonderful work looking after others.


Whilst walking over to Prep it occurred to me that we haven’t been able to participate with Prep in this way since 2019 (for obvious reasons) – how glad I am that we can recommence joint meetings.  Nick, the Chair, ran a tight ship at the meeting and it was so good for our children to see their older counterparts in action, valuable lessons were learnt from the experience, I believe.


As is tradition, we shall support BBC Children in Need again but will take a slightly different approach this time around. Like Prep, each class will have a ‘Change Jar’ and we are encouraging everyone to send in their loose change to fill up said jars, with all proceeds going to this important cause.  I therefore urge you to dig deep and seek out all the loose change you can find around the house –down the back of the sofa for example!  Adding up all the coins nearer the end of term will be a valuable ‘hands on’ practical maths lesson for the children too!  The jars will be in the classrooms here at Pre-Prep from Monday 14 November until the end of term and we thank you most sincerely for your support in advance.

You will have received a letter about forthcoming Christmas events here at Pre-Prep.  As noted before, the two main events for parents are as follows: Kindergarten’s Nativity on Tuesday 6 December at 10.45am in Kindergarten and then Reception, Year 1 and 2’s Play on Thursday 8 December at 2.30pm in The James Hall. To clarify, on Wednesday 7 December we are having a dress rehearsal hence the reason for asking for all the children (Reception – Year 2) to come to school in their PE kit.  I know for some this will be business as normal but this is a change to the usual uniform requirements for Reception.

This week the Courtesy Cup and Badge went to Karam (Year 1) for consistently polite manners to friends and teachers, and always following the Golden Rules.


and Stars of the Week were awarded to:

Year 2:   Rory for being consistently polite and kind, with an incredible attitude to his learning.

Year 1:  Arthur for working hard across all subjects – Mrs Timba was especially impressed with his English this week.

Reception: Sebastian G for his excellent effort with his independent writing – well done!


Very many congratulations to the following children: Jacob Ra, Jacob Ri, Murtaza, Cameron and Rosie for their completion of the Gadgeteers Reading Challenge. In order to gain a certificate, they all read six books – well done to you all!


Well done to Jacob Ra (Year 2) for achieving his Beginners Swim Award.